Large crowds gather for Memorial Day when more than 100,000 deaths occur in the US

Large crowds gather for Memorial Day when more than 100,000 deaths occur in the US
Large crowds gather for Memorial Day when more than 100,000 deaths occur in the US

Large crowds gathered in the US for Memorial Day weekend. There are 100,000 deaths due to the disease in the country as officials warn people ignoring the American Coronovirus Social Distancing Rules and the revival of the Covid-19.

According to calculations by Johns Hopkins University, the United States is on track to mark serious milestones in the coming days, while Europe has seen more than 169,000 deaths, which certainly underestimates the figure. . Worldwide, more than 5.4 million people are infected and approximately 345,000 people have died.

Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Drs. Deborah Burke said she was "very concerned" about the crowded scenes of people over the weekend.

"We really want to make it clear all the time that social disturbances are absolutely important. And if you can't create social distance and you're out, you should wear a mask," Bir said on ABC's This Week.

But there was an irregular image throughout the United States, as many places were closed or honored by strict rules of social distinction.

Memorial Day in New York City is marked with a convoy of cars and small ceremonies instead of parades, as those trying to honor the Gir army have to contend with the restrictions of the coronovirus.

"It's something we're upset about, but we get it," said Kings County United Military Veterans president Raymond Elbue.

"There's no reason to endanger anyone," he said. Still, "it's really reaching the hearts of all veterans quickly."

Your organization will have a convoy of 10 cars departing from the Bay Ridge Ridge location where the parade usually begins and then ends at Brooklyn Veterans Affairs Hospital, where participants will line up with their cars for a greeting and placement ceremony . Of the Taj.

In Missouri, people crowded the bars and restaurants at the Ozarks on the Lake, a popular vacation spot in Chicago.

Missouri Health Director Randall Williams issued a warning on Monday, showing photos and videos of the weekend. A video on social media shows a crowded pool in Lake Ozarks, in which people walk and play without masks. Williams said in a statement that such behavior "could have lasting and tragic consequences."

On Tybee Island, Georgia, the beach was packed with families, but at a nearby grocery store, staff members gave customers gloves and a number of how many people were inside.

In California, beaches and parks were open for swimming, running, and other activities.

On Orchard Beach in the Bronx, New York, children used to play with toys and people would sit on folding chairs. Some wore winter coats on a cold, windy day, and many wore masks and sat separately from others.

“It is good to be outside. Fresh air. Good to just enjoy the outdoors, "Danoven Kleven, whose face was covered.

The issue of wearing masks in public and living several feet away has become politically complex, and some Americans argue that such rules violate their rights.

Ohio's Republican Governor Mike Devine, who has been the target of such protests, insisted that precautions should not be made a partisan issue.

On NBC Meet the Press, he said, "It's not about whether you're a liberal or a conservative, a leftist or a rightist, a Republican or a Democrat."

The Trump administration said on Sunday that it would ban foreigners who have been in Brazil for 14 days or less before planning to enter the United States. The ban does not apply to US citizens or lawful permanent residents or certain members of their families. Brazil ranks second in the United States in reported coronavirus cases.

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