May 29, 1953: The day Hillary and Norgay conquered Everest

May 29, 1953: The day Hillary and Norgay conquered Everest
May 29, 1953: The day Hillary and Norgay conquered Everest

Today i.e. 29 May is a memorable day for Everest. On this day in 1953, Tenzing Norgay from Nepal and Edmund Hillary from New Zealand ascended Everest for the first time. This day is also celebrated as International Everest Day.

Hillary, the great climber, died in 2008. Subsequently, on 29 May, Nepal appealed to celebrate International Everest Day. Accepted. Climbing Everest is not easy today, technology has come in many ways. Climbers are increasingly equipped with safety equipment. Think how difficult it must have been when Hillary and Norgay had done this work 67 years ago.

Everest peak has always been inaccessible

The Everest peaks have always been inaccessible and are covered with snow. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay conquered Everest after all the difficulties. It was considered impossible then. He made it possible. Hillary was later knighted by the Queen of Great Britain.

How did this happen

In 1953, under the leadership of Sir John Hunt, the world's top 20 climbers climbed Everest. It also included Hillary and Norgay.

Previously 1,200 climbers from 63 countries attempted to climb Everest, but none of them were successful. Edmund Hillary himself had tried twice before and failed.

Hillary then looked towards the Himalayas and said: 'I will be back again. You will still be so high, but my soul will be a little higher than before. 'Tenzing, who supported Hillary, was the most skilled man on the mountaineering team.

The first team failed and returned.

In March 1953, a base camp was established at an altitude of 25,900 feet. On May 26, John Hunt sent May Boudrillon and Evans as the first team to climb, but Evans' oxygen system failed along the way, forcing both of them to return.

Norge and Hillary created history again

Hillary and Tenzing were sent as the second team. Cold, icy winds were blowing at that time. It took him two days to reach the southern part. When he got there, he made up the story.

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