Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Chicago restaurants may reopen in June

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Chicago restaurants may reopen in June
Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Chicago restaurants may reopen in June

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the Chicago restaurant could reopen in June and residents can enjoy music, theater and other outdoor activities.

Lightfoot also told the Tribune that it would eventually reopen the lakefront, though it was too early to say.

The mayor made the remarks during an extensive interview with the Tribune, during which he said the city would be "in a position to see some sort of summer life that would begin in June."

To explain when asked, Lightfoot said, "I see a world where restaurants can carefully reopen in June. I see a world during the summer where people sit outside and watch music and theater And can enjoy other outdoor activities. I think we're going to find 'some very creative ways that can happen.'

In making any decision, Lightfoot said the city would be guided by the public health matrix, which the administration announced earlier this month "but we are moving in the right direction."

"I know people are eager to come back and we're learning a lot about how being out is a lot better than being locked up. So I'm going to put pressure on my team and the people we're talking to. Want to work for. " To do this about opportunities to really think in detail, ”Lightfoot said.

Earlier this month, Lightfoot introduced a five-step plan, which would add additional standards for transition rates and testability in addition to state regulations, which J.P. Pritzker first revealed. With Pritzker's "Restoration Illinois" plan, the Lightfoot frame sets a high bar to return to normal.

Lightfoot may not set more flexible standards than the state set by the governor, but it can make them city-friendly.

Under the Lightfoot scheme, the city would require 135,000 residents to be screened per month, with a positive rate of less than 15% in the community and new case rates at least 14 days. . Under the Lightfoot scheme, "crowded" settings such as nursing homes, shelters and prisons would require a positive rate below 30%.

Those standards are stricter than what Pritzker has established in his state's plan. The governor called for an increase in positive rates of 20% or less and positive rates of more than 10 percentage points in 14 days.

But a key issue is how the city and the state will address the reopening of the restaurant in the coming weeks. Pritzker's rules for Ritzing have also been severely criticized by Sam Tohia, head of the Illinois Restaurant Association, while Lightfoot has included Tonia in the Coronavirus Recovery Task Force and repeatedly voiced concern over the bankruptcy of the family restaurant. .

Some Pritzker involvement would be needed to recreate Lightfoot.

During an interview with the Tribune, Lightfoot also said that the lakefront would eventually reopen, but it could not provide a deadline.

"It's probably not going to reopen as fast as people want, and it's definitely a reopening, at least initially with many restrictions, but the lake is the gem of our city," said Lightfoot.

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