Minneapolis mourns George Floyd's death as Trump calls protesters thugs

Minneapolis mourns George Floyd's death as Trump calls protesters thugs
Minneapolis mourns George Floyd's death as Trump calls protesters thugs

Minneapolis is on fire.

For the third consecutive night, clashes between police and protesters erupted in the Midwest city following the death of George Floyd, a black man whose arrest was recorded by the officer for minutes on his neck.

All four officers involved were fired and a federal investigation into the incident is ongoing, but demonstrators are not satisfied. Some of them broke into the third police complex, setting the building and others in the neighborhood on fire.

President Trump, who earlier this week called Floyd's death "very tragic and tragic", said early Friday that he told the Minnesota governor that "the military is with him all the time."

He described the source of the unrest as "HITS", a term widely criticized for being racial overtones.

"Any difficulty and we will overcome, but when the looting begins, the shooting begins," he said, continuing his violation of his policy against glorifying violence in a tweet on Twitter. Asked for

According to Minnesota Public Radio, the president's remarks came after a night of chaos in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where several fires broke out and some businesses were looted. Protesters also attacked the third constituency after police withdrew in an effort to reduce tension.

"Brick and mortar are not as important as life," said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frew, noting that although the building was empty, patrolling would continue in the neighborhood. "We are doing absolutely everything to keep the peace."

Minneapolis has suffered a setback since the release of a video by a white police officer depicting Floyd's arrest. The officer kneels his neck for at least seven minutes as Floyd cries for help and eventually falls silent and the audience shouts that he is dying.

The officer did not remove his knee until paramedics appeared to take Floyd's body in an ambulance. He was pronounced dead later that night.

Since then, Minneapolis has seen a series of escalating protests over his death, while anger has also appeared evident in other cities.

The protesters have expressed outrage against Los Angeles and New York City. Meanwhile, in Louisville, Kentucky, protesters gathered on Thursday to protest the death of Bryo Taylor, a black woman shot by police at his home in March.

Told NPR as a defender in Minneapolis, the anger over Floyd's death is more than just a man - it's about how police treat black people across the United States.

"That's how our people react, you know? When we've been wrong for so long," he said. "So, me, I'm just praying and hoping that everyone gets a safe home."

On Friday morning, the state police arrested a CNN team after giving notice of the riots on live television.

"A black CNN journalist was legally arrested in Minneapolis covering protests," the network said. "Not even a white journalist was on the ground."

The team, composed of reporter Omar Jimenez, producer Bill Kirkos and photo journalist Lionel Méndez, was released about an hour later. CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker said Minnesota Governor Tim Walge apologized personally to him for the incident.

However, the rapid reversal did little to soften the start of the show.

With all the perversions of American democracy, some rivals, who witness the dystopian spectacle of an American journalist, calmly reporting the news and repeatedly offering to move their crew at the request of the police, only to be arrested, Handcuffs are dragged. With his crew. Said Suzanne Nausal, CEO of PEN America, an advocacy group fighting for freedom of the press.

He said: "For us in PEN America, where we regularly document the arrest and imprisonment of writers and journalists around the world, the action was completely familiar, but something we would expect to see in authoritarian states Are: Turkey, Hong Kong, Egypt. It's terrible in the United States. "

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