MLBPA 100 games, to counter MLB proposal with full prorated wages

MLBPA 100 games, to counter MLB proposal with full prorated wages
MLBPA 100 games, to counter MLB proposal with full prorated wages

The Major League Baseball Players Association hopes to counter MLB's financial offer by the end of this week, including more than 100 games and full wage guarantees for the 2020 season, familiar with the rules set forth to ESPN . Union discussion.

Disagreements over the economy have increased in recent times following the league's first proposal, which has upset players. In several phone calls on Wednesday, the players essentially vowed to ignore the league's offer and offer one instead, according to sources familiar with the call.

The Citizens of Washington tweeted Wednesday night to Max Scherzer, one of the eight players in the powerful MLBPA executive subcommittee, that the league proposal would not accept significant pay cuts and the union would remain committed to which players receive their undone pay.

"After discussing the latest developments with the rest of the players, there is no need to commit to the MLB for any further compensation cuts," Scherzer wrote.

The MLB proposal called for a pay cut in addition to the salary of the previous player, which would be expanded to reflect the number of games played. In the 82-game MLB offer, Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout would be paid less than $ 6 million instead of the $ 19 million that he would receive on a pro rata basis. Although the pay cut would be less severe for a large swath of low-paid players, the union mess was clear and immediate.

The association's willingness to play more games can eventually be used as a token for negotiation to return to the game agreement. For now, however, if players are paid on a pro-rata basis, more games will lead to higher salaries for players. The league has long opposed a schedule, fearing that a second wave of coronovirus could wipe out the postseason, and the lucrative money on national television that goes with it.

In a presentation to the players, the MLB stated that if those games are played in 2020, the players will lose significant amounts of money and the players will receive their full support rate. The union has firmly maintained that the March 27 agreement between the parties guarantees them a predetermined share, while the league believes that the language in the agreement requires a harmonious dialogue as the games are played in stadiums needed. Empty it.

Doubts remain over data shared by the union, which showed significant losses in the game, and recently submitted requests to the league for additional documents related to local television revenue, national television revenue, revenue information . Team sponsorship and screening.

"We have already negotiated a pay cut on the wage version, and based on current information obtained by the union there is no justification for accepting a second pay cut," Scherzer wrote in his statement. "I am happy to hear other players expressing the same viewpoint and believe that MLB's economic strategy would be completely changed if all the documents had become public information."

The MLB has proposed to play fan-free in games starting in the first week of July, although that time may be delayed if Labor pull discussions and disrupt Spring 2.0 training starting in mid-June.

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