Obama says rule of law is in danger after Justice Department dropped Michael Flynn case

Obama says rule of law is in danger after Justice Department dropped Michael Flynn case
Obama says rule of law is in danger after Justice Department dropped Michael Flynn case

Former President Barack Obama reacted Friday to the Justice Department's decision to end his case against Michael Flynn by declaring that "the rule of law is in danger" as new details emerge about what former president knew. on the case against Flynn in the last days of his administration.

"I think the news in the past 24 hours has been understated that the Justice Department has dropped the charges against Michael Flynn," Obama said, according to Yahoo News, in a web conversation with members of the Obama Association of Elders.

And the fact that there is no precedent anyone can find for someone who has been accused of perjury who has just been released, "he would have said." These are the kinds of things that you start to worry about the basics of, not just institutional standards, but our basic understanding of the rule of law is at risk. And when you start to move in these directions, it can accelerate quite quickly as we have seen elsewhere. "

Yahoo News, reporting the tape, noted that Obama is wrongly laying charges against Flynn, who was not charged with perjury. Instead, Flynn pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador during the transition period between the Obama and Trump administrations. But Flynn's supporters have long argued that the FBI has set up a perjury trap for Flynn.

The US Department of Justice's ruling this week came after the publication of memoranda showing office officials debating at the time whether their purpose in interviewing Flynn was to lie and prosecute him or "to admit having violated the Logan Law, "an obscure law that prohibits non-government officials from claiming to represent the United States. USA

New details also emerged this week of what Obama himself knew at the time of the Flynn affair. Obama warned the Trump administration against hiring Flynn and said he was "not a fanatic" of the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

According to transcripts of declassified interviews, Obama said in early 2017, Assistant Secretary-General Sally Yates and FBI director James Comey, that he had "learned about Flynn" and his conversation with the Russian ambassador about the sanctions.

Obama "made it clear that he did not want further information on the matter, but was concerned with whether the White House should treat Flynn differently, given this information."

At the time, the documents showed: "Yates had no idea what the president was talking about, but found out based on the conversation. Yates recalled that Comey mentioned the Logan law, but does not remember if he clarified that there had been an "investigation." "Comey did not discuss prosecutions at the meeting."

Exhibition continues: "Yates did not know where the president first received the information. Yates did not remember Comey's answer to the president's question about how to deal with Flynn. She was so surprised by the information she heard that she heard. having is difficult to process and to listen to the conversation at the same time. "

Obama cited the Flynn affair as one of the reasons the former officials were on Friday to help former Vice President Joe Biden beat Trump in November.

"So I hope you all have the same sense of urgency as I do," he said. "Whenever I campaign, I always say," Oh, this is the most important election. "Especially when I was on the ballot, I always feel that it is the most important election. That, I am not on the ballot, but I am invested enough. We have to get there. "

Obama also allegedly cited the coronavirus pandemic as a reason to fight more for Biden, and blamed what he saw as a poor response to "tribal" tendencies fueled by Trump and his allies.

What we are fighting against is these long-term trends where selfishness, tribe, division and seeing others as enemies have become a stronger engine in American life, "a- he declared.

“And besides, we also see it internationally. This is partly the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and irregular. It would have been bad even with the best governments. It was an absolutely chaotic mess when this state of mind, of "what's in me" and "screwing up everyone", when this was

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