Ohio's stay order was extended until May 29

Ohio's stay order was extended until May 29
Ohio's stay order was extended until May 29

The stay order in Ohio has been extended for another month until May 29 during the COVID-19 epidemic.

On this order Thursday night, Ohio's Health Director, Dr. Signed by Amy Acton. The previous order expired on 1 May.

In order, Drs. Acton said the expansion was "to avoid an imminent threat with a high risk of widespread exposure to COVID-19 with a significant risk of substantial harm to large numbers of people in the general population."

By order, Ohio residents "must live at home or at their place of residence, except as permitted in this order."

The order does nothing to stop Governor Mike Devine's movement to reopen Ohio. Non-essential medical procedures can begin from May 1. On May 4, manufacturing, distribution and construction businesses may reopen, as may occur in normal office environments, although it is recommended to allow work conditions from home.

Retail stores may reopen on May 12; Franklin Park Mall and The Shops Fallen Timbers have announced plans to reopen on that date. Stores that restrict their operations for pickup, distribution or placement can only reopen on 1 May. The number of customers is limited to 10 at a time.

However, schools, restaurants and bars, beauty salons and hairdressers, pet groomers and gyms will remain closed.

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