On Memorial Day Weekend, Trump reflects his real self

On Memorial Day Weekend, Trump reflects his real self
On Memorial Day Weekend, Trump reflects his real self

The symbol of Memorial Day began a century after Poppy, a good time to consider how we should be reminded of the casualties of the epidemic. (In a few months, more Americans have died than in Vietnam and Korea.) The surgical mask may be a fitting symbol, or perhaps a DNA double axix. Both will honor medical workers who save the dead and the sick. Both would be likely to discredit President Donald Trump.

As the darkest day of the national holiday began, the President showed us how he felt about our present misery. There was an outburst of angry Twitter posts on Saturday, following which a round of golf began. At the end of the day, he published a clear and unfounded conspiracy theory, condemning one of his alleged "enemies" and tormenting the parents of a young girl who died of natural causes. In addition to another round of golf on Sunday, he offered this spirited lie: "Cases, numbers and deaths are decreasing across the country!" In fact, cases are increasing in many states and localities.

Trump's careless leave revealed that she would not change because her reunion campaign would begin in earnest.

The formula that first brought him to the Oval Office. This method relies on the divisive power of division, anger, and active anger. It is devastating when touched in response to a crisis such as the current epidemic, while Trump is using them as he did in 2016: to activate his base.

Many researches have shown that many people find that feelings of anger or hatred towards others increase their sense of well-being and self-esteem. The Wall Street Journal recently described it as a "joy of hate" that can bring people together to act against a common enemy, be it real or imagined. In his life before politics, Trump handled enemies of pop culture like Rosie O'Donnell so that he could participate in a public fight against those who hate him. In his political avatar, where the consequences are real and severe, he has used the same procedure but violated it with conspiracy theories against opponents of the "Deep State".

Trump knows or recognizes the power of this game. The more angry people feel, the less inclined they are to restraint and commitment. Angry people are more likely to be motivated to vote against the object of their hatred. Add Trump's ability to display feelings of hatred and rebellion, take a look at his protests, and look as if he is issuing an official signal to everyone to lift the ban on decency and remove their impulse.

Is the president's anger honest? His affection for theatricality and performance argues that everything is a game. We all know that the president likes to use entertainment devices to attract attention. The question of whether he would wear a medical mask to visit the Ford factory created a classic Cliffhanger charm. Christian is the same, keeping in mind all of us from his frequent press conferences. These and other factors suggest that everything is an act.

On the other hand, as we look at the presidential reel from the Kovid-19 emergency, the New York Times, while playing golf, prepares to publish a list of the dead, we must consider that cruelty, arrogance, anger, and sabotage are What are they not? Is an act. When I watch him on television now, I recognize the same pattern I saw when I interviewed him half a dozen years ago. He is only truly animated, really himself, when he expresses contempt for others or loves for himself. Hatred and arrogance are his comfort zones, and whenever he is under pressure, he returns to them.

Trump has an honest belief that those whose views are different from his enemy explain why science has recently attacked that the drug he promoted and what he took is hydroxychloroquine, ineffective and harmful. He portrayed one study as a "declaration of the enemy" and the other as a "successful political act". In this way he changed facts based on a study of a terrible problem in an attack on those who personally hate him.

No president is able to take care of the country, and having a full range of human emotions, will consistently and automatically revert to the kind of rude and selfish behavior that Trump would exhibit if it were an act. Likewise, a president urged people to fill places of worship, as Trump urged on Friday, defying public health warnings against such ceremonies, not acting rationally and thoughtfully. Instead, he is returning to his actual type.

In its brief form, our president is the one who has used family property all his life, and has this power in all kinds of rules (apart from the evidence, his business failures, sex scandals, Trump University and Trump Foundation scandals) Is brought to break. Now, as president, he will break all the rules to respond to a national emergency and even as the bodies pile up, he will encourage his loyalists to do the same. Instead of uniting the nation with a shared sacrifice and effort that will save lives and honor our pain, it will put our lives and our fellow Americans at risk, our supposed enemies, scientists, doctors and responsible public officials to show up. - You are wrong.

The latest efforts to wander and divide Trump will demonstrate that those who are not super rich or super powerful are protected by following the rules. At the same time, he expects more misery and death for those who cannot protect themselves from wealth and power. The second lifeguard gives protection and a reward for overcoming something terrible. The president, who is true to himself, has made his election, which he believes will promote his reunion. It seems as if he thinks it is worth it, regardless of what the rest of us can pay.

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