Outgoing mayor calls for Gallup lock.

Outgoing mayor calls for Gallup lock.
Outgoing mayor calls for Gallup lock.

Outgoing Gallup Mayor Jack McKinney has asked New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to allow the city to be closed.

McKinney wrote in a letter to Governor Grisham on April 30, "I ask you politely to declare a state of emergency within Gallup city limits." "This request has been made as a result of an outbreak of COVID-19 in our community, causing an unprecedented health crisis."

McKinney said in the letter that the governor could implement the riot control law because the virus outbreak is "a crisis of the highest order".

"The virus has caused many deaths, expanded medical facilities and resources, and negatively affected the well-being of Gallup City," McKinney said.

If Lujan Grisham accepts the request, the city can start on Friday morning and last three days, potentially preventing buyers from entering the city during the first week of the month.

McKinney made the request a day before leaving his seat, as Mayor-Elect Louis Bonagudi was sworn in on Thursday afternoon.

According to the New Mexico Department of Health, the number of confirmed cases in McKinley County on Thursday reached 1,027 with 19 deaths.

Joe Vigil, the head of public affairs for the New Mexico National Guard, said the guards have not been informed of any mission regarding McKinney's request.

Vigil said the National Guard would not comment on McKinney's request.

Navajo Nation Council representative Edmund Yazi said he supported the bandh if the governor accepted the request.

"I'm in favor of it," Yazi said. “We still have not learned how to stay home and how to live there. I am waiting for my people that this virus is serious. "

Mayor-elect Bonagudi was sworn in on Thursday during a ceremony that was closed to the public.

After the mayor-election, the mayor-elect said he would take office during the height of an epidemic that was sweeping the county at an alarming rate.

"I enter public service at a very strange time," Bonagudi said. "Our life is not normal. We never saw such things in this country. This is an unusual situation.

This week, McKinley County became the location of the most COVID-19 cases in New Mexico, he said.

"We've all been stressed," he said.

Bonagudi said the test was conducted after he and his family came in contact with people who had the virus. The tests were negative, he said.

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