Sino-US may face military confrontation on Corona

Sino-US may face military confrontation on Corona
Sino-US may face military confrontation on Corona

In an internal report, the Chinese government has been warned that the corona virus epidemic could severely damage relations with the US. Not only this, military confrontation with America can also come about. Explain that due to Corona virus, questions are being raised on China all over the world. China is being accused of not providing timely information about Corona.

In April, China's internal report was placed before President Xi Jinping and other key leaders, according to a Reuters report. The report also noted that China currently faces the largest global opposition since the 1989 Tianmen Square incident.

The government has been warned that as anti-China sentiment increases, it should be prepared for the worst possible situation, including the possibility of armed confrontation with the US.

This report has been prepared by the think tank China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). CICIR is affiliated with China's Ministry of National Security.

The report, warning the Chinese government, has not been made public, but people reading the report have told Reuters on the condition of anonymity. However, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of China said on this report - 'We do not have the necessary information.'

After this report, it has become clear how seriously China is taking the protest against itself. Right now the relationship between America and China is in the worst phase of last few decades.

Presidential elections are to be held in America. While more than 69 thousand people have died due to Corona virus in the country. At such times, President Donald Trump is constantly raising serious questions on China. The US has been repeatedly alleging that the corona virus has spread from China's lab. However, China has denied such allegations.

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