Solar Opposites Nail Rick and Morty comic but is it really good?

Solar Opposites Nail Rick and Morty comic but is it really good?
Solar Opposites Nail Rick and Morty comic but is it really good?

Can I get a science fiction animation order from Justin Roiland? End existence existence fear.

Solar opposite Hulu, which airs in the eighth season of today's first episode, has a lot in common with Rick and Morty. The animation style, comic lineup of humans and aliens, rhyming voice acting of Roiland, all clear in the moments of the first episode of the series. For die-hard fans of the Smith Family's multiverse, this is the perfect accessory for Rick and Morty to come to Adult Swim this May with five new episodes.

A brilliant gem worthy of its own fan base.

But there are ways that Solar Opposites is different from its inter-predecessor which makes it a great gem for its own fan base.

Solar Opposites follows four aliens from the distant planet Shilp, created by Roaland and former Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahon. When an asteroid destroys their home, adults Korvo (Roiland) and Terry (Thomas Middlich) run away with the replica / children Eumulac (Sean Giambron) and Jessie (Mary Mac) in search of a new world for their habitation. Huh. He is accompanied by a "Pupa", an adorable living supercomputer who evolves into an apocalypse that destroys the planet and will make room for the new Shlorp.

Enter the land. After a crash landing in an obscure suburban neighborhood in Central America, Korvo and Terry begin the process of preparing the planet for their Sholpian compatriots. For Korvo, this means working diligently to repair the group's ship and gather information about humans. For Terry, it means making friends with his neighbors, enrolling Eumulac and Jessie in high school, visiting the Labradules in a dog park, and enjoying the many joys that come with domestic life.

Korvo, Terry, Eumyulac and Jessie really love each other.

In true comedy fashion, this strange duet extends to frame replication. While Eumulac hates humans, Jessie enjoys them a lot. Couple opposing interpretations of Earthlings' behavior lead to several problems, one of which is similar to Jeremy Salnier's horror film Green Room, alluding to Jessie. Yes, equipped with all neo-Nazis.

Like Rick and Morty, the group's adventures can be deepened. Unlike Rick and Morty, these barriers do not make their relationship particularly toxic. For the most part, Korvo, Terry, Eumulac, and Jessie really like each other. The debate about what to do when Pupa becomes deadly and what to do between Taco Sunday, Jet Ski, Ansel Elgort, the cultural significance of demonstrative magic, and the discussion about Terry's lofty T-shirt collection. (Long live, "Dick Wolf").

Like their earlier Belcher and Simpson families, these lively friends work because of their inherent love for each other. Watching them roam outside is just as satisfying as the exquisite scenes of the series, with an intimate cube of Rubik's family lord.

Eumyulac and Jessie have a charming sibling rivalry rooted in loyalty to each other. They are against the world when they are not against each other, and the changing nature of that bond turns even the most mundane moments into adventures. Meanwhile, Terry and Korvo don't always articulate the nature of their dynamics (are they romantic partners? Professional Couples? Both?) ?, but it has an Azirafel and Crowley appeal that makes loving them inevitable.

The solid base of solar contrasts allows its dramatic parts to be stronger than parts of Rick and Morty. A human-centric subplot, the details of which you deserve to see, combines the first batch of the series into a twisted scheme similar to "Tales from the Citadel", which requires the installments to be viewed chronologically. Episode 7, titled "Terry and Korvo Still a Bear", may be the best television I've seen in a whole year.

Solar Opposites does not consider Rick and Morty's existential weight, but in my opinion it is more enjoyable for it. Considering the state of our world, an adorable group of aliens are enjoying each other's company particularly well these days. It is a relief from the darkness of our time and the Smith family.

With that said, I must warn you: Solar Opposites ends in a cliffener. Hulu has already ordered eight more episodes, so we'll eventually get answers to the remaining questions, but add another project to our Nebula comp

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