Symptoms of coronavirus rising rapidly in the world after lockdown removal

Symptoms of coronavirus rising rapidly in the world after lockdown removal
Symptoms of coronavirus rising rapidly in the world after lockdown removal

After removing the lockdown caused by the corona virus, millions of people took to the streets for a walk in some of the world's most populous countries and, as a result, many countries reported the most infections on a single day on Sunday, which worries Is the subject of. After China, more than 2,600 new cases of infection occurred in India, the world's most populous country. For the first time in Russia, new cases exceeded 10,000.

The number of people who lost their lives due to Kovid-19 in Britain is approaching death in Italy, which remains the epicenter of the disease in Europe. The population of Britain is less than Italy but Britain had more time to deal with this epidemic.

Ten thousand new cases are being reported daily in America and 1,400 people died due to infection here on Saturday. Health experts have warned that if there is no increase in the number of investigations during the bandh relief, another round of infection may come. However, the global economy has reached a recessionary level in the 1930s due to several weeks of worldwide shutdown, which has increased the pressure to reopen trade.

After the domestic travel restrictions were relaxed during a five-day holiday in China, crowds of people gathered again at open tourist destinations. However, there have been only two new cases of infection in China. According to Chinese media, around 1.7 million people arrived in Beijing's parks in the first two days of the holiday, while Shanghai's main tourist centers saw more than 1 million.

On the eve of waiver of sanctions in Italy, the Ministry of Health confirmed 174 more deaths in the 24 hours ending Sunday evening. This is the lowest number in the country on a daily basis since Bharat Bandh on 10 March. Parks and gardens are being opened to the general public from Monday.

In Spain, many people moved out of their homes for the first time since the Bharat Bandh, which came into force on March 14, although social distance rules remained in force. Masks are mandatory for the movement of people. Air Force helicopters in India planted flowers in hospitals in various cities to thank doctors, nurses and others working against covid-19.

In Britain, there is increasing pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to explain how he will lift the bandh in the country. The restrictions are scheduled to last until Thursday, but due to covid-19 in the country, hundreds of people are still dying. It is still unclear how the country will relax the sanctions safely.

Johnson (55), who was in the intensive care unit (ICU) for three days after infection with covid-19, told The Sun newspaper, "It was a difficult time, I won't deny it." He said that if he had died of the virus, the doctors had a strategy like 'Stalin's death' to deal with it. Disturbing signs have also come from the Afghan capital, Kabul, where one-third of the 500 people investigated have been infected without prior notice.

At the same time, state parks opened in New Jersey, United States, but soon people started sending them back after filling 50 percent of the parking lot. White House Corona Virus coordinator Deborah Birks, in conversation with "Fox News Sunday", called for protests by armed people to withdraw the order to stay home and to actively activate the economy.

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