The police said that the mother of the deceased boy has been arrested in the murder after the abduction.

The police said that the mother of the deceased boy has been arrested in the murder after the abduction.
The police said that the mother of the deceased boy has been arrested in the murder after the abduction.

Nine-year-old Alejandro Replay is dead. And in a frightening twist, detectives accuse his mother, Patricia Ripley, of killing him.

A day later when she told police officers that her son had been kidnapped by two men, the 45-year-old mother arrived at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center to face charges of first degree murder and attempted premeditated murder . He has been detained without bail on Saturday.

"She was the world to her parents, who have known the Ripley family since Alejandro and her son was a patient at the My Kid Therapy Center in Country Walk," said Antoinette Uribe.

Alejandro was a patient with autism spectrum disorder. Uribe said that she remembers him as a sweet and happy girl. He was a nonverbal patient and with the coronovirus epidemic, he spent more time at home.

Uribe was one of two dozen people who attended a memorial service Friday afternoon at Friendship Circle in Miami, a nonprofit organization that provides services for children with special needs.

Alleged kidnapping

As detectives from the Miami-Dade Police Department continued to investigate the case, Uribe and the others at the memorial were sure that two men had kidnapped Alejandro around 8:40 p.m. Thursday and I killed him.

Detectives became suspicious when they saw surveillance video at 15750 SW 88 St. at Home Depot. It turned out that Patricia Ripley waited in her parked car for more than 15 minutes before being reported for kidnapping.

A spokesman for the police department, spokngel Rodríguez said that he provided a detailed description.

He said he was being chased by an unknown vehicle. The unidentified driver attempted to slide his vehicle sideways, forcing him to turn around on SW 158 Avenue, "Rodriguez wrote." The vehicle blocked him. "

She said one of the two men ambushed The Hammocks at Southwest 158th Avenue and Southwest 88th Street. Rodriguez said he demanded drugs before taking his mobile phone and Alejandro away from him.

Alejandro Surf's Body

When officers found Alejandro dead in the quiet neighborhood of Kendall Lakes at 7:50 a.m. Friday, he was still wearing a Captain America T-shirt, which his mother told authorities Thursday night.

Alejandro's body floated in a small lake at Micrococci Golf & Country Club. Authorities noted that he had a head injury.

A department spokesman, Detective Christian Thomas, did not divulge any details about the investigation into the death, but said detectives were still in communication with Patricia Ripley.

"We're taking all the details into consideration," Thomas said.

FLORIDA's Amber Alert

To help find Alejandro, Florida's law enforcement department issued an amber alert Thursday night.

About an hour after officials placed the crime scene tape next to the golf course, the FDLE announced that the Amber Alert had been canceled.

An FDLE spokesperson asked anyone with information to call police at 305-476-5423, "We are very sorry to hear that the child was found dead."

Thomas and Rodriguez asked anyone with information about the case to call Miami-Dad Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

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