The scientist said: Does the length of the finger indicate how much risk of death from a coronovirus?

The scientist said: Does the length of the finger indicate how much risk of death from a coronovirus?
The scientist said: Does the length of the finger indicate how much risk of death from a coronovirus?

After a study, scientists have claimed that a finger in the hands of men is associated with the risk of corona virus. According to scientists, the size of a finger can determine whether the risk of death from a crown is low or high. Look at this scientific study, scientists say that the fingers have a connection with the danger of the crown and the reason behind it is science. Scientists analyzed data from patients in 41 countries to establish a relationship of finger size to reduce risk. 2,274 male Crown patients from India were also involved in this.

Scientists have said that the risk of death from the crown is relatively low for men whose anonymity is long. The study stated that men with long fingers may have only mild crown symptoms.

The study was conducted at Swansea University in Wales, UK. The university, established in 1920, is known for public research. This study is published in the journal. According to the study, no correlation was found in fingertip mortality of women.

According to The Sun's report, lead researcher Professor John Manning said that countries in Australia, New Zealand, Austria and East Asia could have biological benefits based on the study. The anonymity of people in these countries is often long.

The study states that ring finger length is related to fetal testosterone levels during pregnancy. For this study, scientists analyzed data from 2 million people from 41 countries. Researchers measured the fingers of these people.

During the study, scientists found that in countries where the anonymity is smaller on average, there is a higher risk of death from the crown of men.

Scientists also used a ratio to study the fingers of the hands. The index finger and the ring finger were measured during this time. The index finger is divided by the length of the ring finger. This was called the "digit ratio". Scientists said that if the digit ratio is low (around 0.976), it may mean avoiding the crown. At the same time, if the digit ratio is high (greater than 0.99), it may indicate that you are at higher risk for corona. It also means that your anonymity must be long for the ratio of points to be low.

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, the expert claims that the length of the ring finger is determined by the amount of testosterone the fetus receives during pregnancy. It is believed that the more men take testosterone, the longer the finger finger length.

Earlier, some reports claimed that testosterone acts as a defense in crown patients. The number of ACE-2 testosterone receptors in the body increases.

Scientists believe that the corona virus spreads infection in the body only through ACE-2 receptors. But the increased number of ACE-2 receptors protects the lungs from damage.

The study found that men with low testosterone levels have a higher risk of death than men with more testosterone from the crown.

Previously, several studies have found such evidence that men are at greater risk than women due to death from coronovirus. But until now, it was not known precisely why men are at greater risk than women.

According to the British government's National Statistics Office, the death toll per 100,000 people in England and Wales is 97.5 for men, while it is 46.5 for women.

Scientists also think that men wash their hands more than women, possibly taking longer to seek medical attention. But at the same time, doctors also believe that testosterone levels can also be the cause of high male deaths.

The scientist discovered during the study that the people of Malaysia, Russia and Mexico have big fingers. The fertility rate of corona cases in these countries was considered low.

In Great Britain, Bulgaria and Spain, the ring finger was found to be small and had high fertility rates. The risk ratio was found to be more accurate with the measurement of the right hand than with the left hand.

Especially when the right ring finger is measured, it is observed that in 10 countries where people have the longest ring finger, the box quality rate is 2.7 percent. At the same time, 10 countries, where the fingerprint finger is the smallest among people, achieved an average case rate of 4.9 percent.

At the same time, a recent study on 45 patients was done in a hospital in Germany. Twelve hormones were tested in these patients.

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