The White House ordered staff to wear masks as evidence of a false record to Trump

The White House ordered staff to wear masks as evidence of a false record to Trump
The White House ordered staff to wear masks as evidence of a false record to Trump

The White House on Monday ordered all West Wing employees not to have a sudden change in the work of the president's two aides, an aide-de-katie and katie, until they are sitting at their desks . Miller, vice president spokesman, tested positive. From the coronovirus last week.

In an internal email obtained by The New York Times, people working in crowded rooms around the Oval Office were told that "as an extra layer of security, we require that everyone enter the West Wing Mask or face mask. "

At a press conference in the Rose Garden when asked if he had ordered the change, Mr. Trump, who was not wearing a mask and repeatedly stated that he saw no reason to do so, said, "Yes, I did." But officials said the new requirement was not expected to apply to Mr. Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.

The president, along with Mr. Pence and several other top administrative advisers, may also have been ousted since last week's positive diagnosis to prevent the virus from spreading at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Came in contact with Mrs. Miller and the servant refused - quarantine. Trump said on Monday that he and Pence had tested negative for the virus.

Three senior public health officials chose to remain isolated for a period of time: Dr. Robert R. Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dr. Stephen Hahn, Commissioner for Food and Drug Administration; And Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

During Mr. Trump's afternoon press conference, top attendees of the White House were seen wearing full masks.

According to officials, the White House also made some minor changes, such as displaying signs encouraging social disturbances at the entrance and asking attendees during regular temperature checks. Monday's email said West Wing staff members "did not need to cover their faces while at their desk if they are socially isolated from their co-workers."

Many of the president's top aides and advisers have avoided the facade of his appearance with Trump, despite his staff advising him to wear them. Secretary of Defense Mark T. next to Trump at the White House on Saturday. Thoreau and the top military chief sat face to face, apparently in contradiction of policy at the Pentagon, where officials have been removed for two years. Wearing masks for months and several weeks.

Mr. Graff made a point to enhance the qualities of wearing masks indoors during a visit in Colorado, Northern Command, United States early in the week, saying that "it is not necessary," but that " In one room, we wear masks. "

The White House's new policy on masks came as Trump tried to reestablish his government's troubled history in testing coronovirus, claiming that the United States was "incomparable and unmatched" in its ability to conduct tests , But was ignoring the flaws. To provide evidence that allows the virus to spread invisibly for months.

Announcing once again that "if anyone wants to test at this time, they will be able to test," Trump said his administration was working with the states to allow them to conduct 12.9 million tests in May The United States compares favorably with other countries in which it had testing capabilities.

"We are testing more per capita than South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Sweden, Finland and many other countries," he said, ignoring countries where Germany has the highest per capita tests, including Germany, Russia, Spain . Canada, Switzerland and at least 20 others, according to data compiled by Our World in Statistics.

The president announced that his administration began disbursing $ 11 billion for tests approved by Congress about six weeks ago, claiming that Germany and the United States "lead the world in lives saved for every 100,000" Were. " This was also an exaggeration.

Germany has the lowest death rate in the world, with 9.13 deaths per 100,000 people. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there is a rate of 24.31 deaths per 100,000 compared to the United States. It is lower than many other European countries, such as Great Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and Sweden, but it is also higher than in Canada, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Iran, Brazil and many others.

Trump also misused the trajectory of new cases in the United States.

"The number is much lower than it was two weeks ago," the president said. "The number is actually decreasing. This weekend was the lowest for us. The number is going down very fast."

The number of new cases across the country this weekend was 45,227. This is lower than the 60,872 cases reported from 25 April to 26 April. But in the last two weeks, the number of new cases has decreased only slightly, but not sufficiently.

Furthermore, this trend is not "universal" across the country, as Trump claimed. While the numbers in the New York City area have plummeted, new cases are increasing in nine states and remain unchanged at more than two dozen.

The president abruptly ended his press conference after an Asian-American journalist suggested "Ask China" in response to a question about coronovirus mortality.

White House correspondent Weizia Jiang of CBS News asked Mr. Trump why he had "globalized competition" by emphasizing that the United States in testing its citizens for coronovirus more than any other country in the world Fared better. .

"Why does he talk," Ms. Jiang asked, "if Americans lose their lives every day and we still see more cases every day?"

Well, "Trump replied," They are losing their lives in all parts of the world and this is probably a question they should ask China. 

Ms. Jiang, who leaned into a contactless microphone to ask her questions, took off her face mask and paused for a few seconds before asking, "Sir, why are you telling me that?"

The president replied that he was "asking someone to ask unpleasant questions." Trump then called Cattellan Collins of CNN, another journalist with whom he engaged in similar exchanges, but then attempted to pass on another journalist. After Collins attempted to ask a question twice, Trump ended the press conference and returned to the Oval Office.

The president's claim about the availability of evidence for anyone was also misleading. This is an adequate testing capability for all those who are symptomatic or who are in contact with someone who has tested positive, but it is enough to give mental peace to those contemplating returning to normal life.

Announcing the big posters, "The United States Leads the World in Trials," Trump also declared victory over the epidemic, stating that "we have served this time and we have prevailed." Later, during the interrogation, he revised his remarks, stating that he only wanted to say that the country was strong in expanding the reach of evidence.

But the president's claim that "we are embroiled in evidence" was premature, even by the standards of his government. Although the United States has increased the test from 150,000 tests per month to 300,000 per day, the current rate still remains well behind the daily target of five million that was set last month.

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