Tiffany trump graduated from law school

Tiffany trump graduated from law school
Tiffany trump graduated from law school

President Donald Trump on Wednesday congratulated Tiffany Trump, the fourth of her five children, in support of her graduation from law school. Tiffany Trump attended the virtual graduation ceremony along with the rest of the class of 2020 from Georgetown Law School on Saturday.

"Great student, great school," the president tweeted. "Just what I need is a family lawyer. So proud of you, Tiff!" A White House official told CNN that Trump on Wednesday invited his daughter to the White House to personally congratulate her.

Tiffany Trump's mother, Marla Maples, who lives in New York, told CNN about Trump's academic achievement: "I'm so grateful. They worked so hard." Maples also posted a lengthy video on her Instagram account on Tuesday night praising her daughter's "commitment to humanity" and her moral studies, saying Trump would sometimes go to bed without studying for several days Huh. "I am sure a lot of you were related, but he has always been strict on us, mothers who love you very much and who have prayed through them (prayer hand emoji) @tiffanytrump and father @realdonaldtrump . " Lara Trump, sister-in-law of Eric Trump's wife Tiffany Trump, also posted on her Instagram account Tuesday night, congratulating her and calling the moment "bitersweight" due to the coronovirus epidemic and her inability to celebrate in person.

On Saturday, Tiffany posted a video on her Instagram account that the Law School wrote in honor of the graduates, "Congratulations to my partner in Georgetown Law's Class of 2020! We did it! We're #Georgetownenny now." ! "

Tiffany Trump attended Georgetown School of Law in Washington DC in 2017. According to Maple, he completed his final law school examination in May. Tiffany has not commented on what her next steps will be, about her career, or if she intends to take the bar exam. In an interview with ABC in 2016, shortly before the presidential election and shortly after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, her father's alma mater, Tiffany Trump, said she was ultimately keen to get into the family's hospitality and real estate business Trump.

One of Tiffany Trump's former Georgetown law classmates told CNN that the first daughter appeared to have a relatively normal academic experience, while Georgetown Law student, considered her father the president. However, it was always clear why two black sedans would be parked outside the security gates of the main campus when he was on campus; Protocol for the President's children includes full-time protection from the United States Secret Service.

The former classmate said, "Most of the students ignored her, noting that Tiffany Trump mixed in without much pomp." The only difference is that her agents always attended classes with her, but she was very low profile Used to keep. "

Tiffany Trump lived in an off-campus apartment in Washington while the school was in session. He has had occasional appearances at the White House, mainly for family events. She is constantly photographed at White House Thanksgiving turkey apology ceremonies, as well as various holiday celebrations. He participated in the Easter egg roll before the Trump administration's White House. Tiffany Trump has been part of the Trump Gallery family since her father took office, when the president gives his annual state address to Congress. But he has little public presence for Trump's three oldest children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, and it's unclear whether Tiffany Trump intends to launch the campaign with her siblings No. , Because the 2020 election season has intensified.

Tiffany Trump is one of the political descendants celebrated with virtual graduation ceremonies this week. Audrey Pence, the youngest daughter of Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence, graduated from Yale Law School on Monday. "Karen Pence's communications director Kara Brooks", who lived at the Vice President's official residence during the Coronovirus, told CNN, "organized a virtual celebration with a family outlook." Brooks said Audrey's vice president, another woman and fiancé Daniel Tomanelli, "celebrated with Audrey at the vice president's residence." Audrey Pence graduated Vice President Law School to pay tribute to her father, and the Vice President gifted her with law school books

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