Trump Administration Declassifies Full Susan Rice Email Sent On Inauguration

Trump Administration Declassified Full Susan Rice Email Sent On Inauguration
Trump Administration Declassified Full Susan Rice Email Sent On Inauguration

On President Donald Trump's inauguration, outgoing national security adviser Susan Rice sent an email that has since been under intense Republican scrutiny.

The full text of the email has now been rejected and POLITICO has revised it. He says the then FBI director James Comey was concerned about sharing classified information with the Trump team due to frequent conversations with the Russian ambassador by National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, but Comey was unaware that Flynn shared the information is. Classified with sent.

Republicans have used the document as possible evidence that the outgoing president ordered the FBI to spy on the new administration, as Trump alleged. And he has questioned himself by recalling a conversation in an email about Rice's "unusual" nature, suggesting that by warning Comey to "move forward" according to the book, "Obama would call that senior law enforcement officials Were pointing to "he did the opposite. Meanwhile, a Rice spokesman said it showed the Obama administration handled Flynn's situation properly.

The email, much of which has already been rejected, describes a meeting of the Oval Office on January 5, 2017, with an intelligence meeting on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Those present included the then President Barack. Obama; Comey Sally Yates, acting Attorney General; Vice President Joe Biden; And Rice, who was Flynn's predecessor in the work.

In an email recall two weeks after it happened, Obama said it wanted to ensure that "every aspect of this problem is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities".

"The president emphasized that he is not asking for anything from a law enforcement standpoint, nor taking initiative nor giving instructions." "He reiterated that our law enforcement team should move forward as they would normally with the book."

The recently revealed part describes Comey's reaction.

"Director Comey said he is" moving by the book "when it comes to law enforcement," Rice wrote. "From a national security standpoint, Comey said he is concerned that the incoming NSA Flynn Will speak frequently with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. Comey stated that this could be a problem as it relates to the exchange of confidential information. President Obama asked if Comey was saying that the NSC should not give information about Russia to Flynn. Comey replied "probable". He said he had no indication yet that Flynn had given classified information to Kisselayak, but added that "the level of communication is abnormal." The President asked Comey to inform if anything changes in the next few weeks, which affects how we share classified information with the visiting team. Comey said he would.

The president insisted that he is not asking for anything from a law enforcement standpoint, nor taking initiative nor giving instructions. '

From an email from Susan Rice

The email is the latest document mentioning that Biden will be disapproved by Trump administration officials. Last week, the next day after receiving a request from Johnson and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell sent a document to Congress from the National Security Agency, which lists the officials of government officials who 2016 "Unmasking" request at the end of and early 2017, revealing Lt. General Michael Flynn's name. Biden made a request. The document states that all requests were made by those authorized to do so, and were properly controlled.

Rice's spokesman said the email also indicated that the administration did not interfere with the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign.

In addition, the email makes it clear that the Obama administration did not change the way it informed Michael Flynn, but rather that President Obama asked Director Komi to inform him if anything changes in the coming weeks that would "We shared classified information with the visiting team," the spokesperson continued in a statement. In fact, Ambassador Rice informed Michael Flynn for more than 12 hours on four separate occasions, and directed the National Security Council in the preparation and distribution of more than 100 separate briefing notes. Ambassador Rice did not change the way Michael Flynn was informed of Russia as a result of director Comey's response. "

Rice asked the Trump administration to post tapes of phone calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador during the transition.

"The American people deserve thorough transcription so that they can determine themselves for the conduct of Michael Flynn," the statement said.

Meanwhile, Trump and his allies cite documents claiming that the Obama administration illegally spied on his campaign. Some of those statements were not particularly subtle. "JOID BIDEN IS GUILTY," read the subject of a recent Trump campaign fundraising email.

And John Durham, a US attorney, is leading a Justice Department investigation looking into Russian electoral interference and investigations into the Trump campaign.

When a journalist asked Trump what law Biden violated, he declined to elaborate. And Attorney General Bill Barr said he did not expect the Durham investigation to bring criminal charges against Obama or Biden.

"We live in a very divided country right now, and I think it's important that we have an election in which the American people are allowed to hold an election, based on a strong debate between President Trump and Vice President Biden on election policy Issues, ”Barr said in a press call on an unrelated issue. And we cannot allow this process to be hijacked by efforts to increase the criminal investigation of any candidate. "

"Our concern for potential crime is focused on others," he said.

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