Trump confirmed that the U.S.A. America withdrew from another major arms treaty

Trump confirmed that the U.S.A. America withdrew from another major arms treaty
Trump confirmed that the U.S.A. America withdrew from another major arms treaty

President Donald Trump confirmed that the United States would pull out of the Open Skies Treaty, an agreement designed to reduce the risk of military misculture that could lead to war, and said that Russia's actions had led to its Led the decision.

"Russia did not join the treaty, so we will withdraw until they join," Trump told reporters outside the White House on Thursday.

The president predicted that the return of the United States would force Moscow to return to the table. "There is a possibility that we will either make a new agreement or do something to pursue that agreement again", Trump said. "I think what's going to happen is that we're going to retire and they're going to come back and want to reach an agreement."

Trump also denied that the withdrawal would increase tensions with Russia. "No, I think we are going to have a very good relationship with Russia," the president said.

The 1992 treaty allows member states to conduct short-term, unarmed reconnaissance flights to other countries to collect data on their military forces and activities. This is the last major arms control treaty the US will leave under the Trump administration.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the Trump administration is "committed to our traditional obligations, but in this era of great competition for power we want to advocate agreements that benefit all parties and include partners who take responsibility Complies with. With its obligations. "

The open-sky treaty is part of a wide network of arms control agreements aimed at guaranteeing stability and predictability on the European continent and reducing the risk of misunderstandings that may become conflicts by guaranteeing transparency.

Bipartisan groups of former national security officials reacted with dismissing the news that the United States would withdraw, saying it would expose America's leadership in the world, give Russia a win, and the US and global security. Will weaken

'this is madness'

"This is crazy," Gen. Michael Hayden, retired four-star general who was a former director of the National Security Agency, former deputy chief director of the National Intelligence Department, and CIA director of President George W. Bush. .

The New York Times first reported that a final decision had been taken.

Analysts say that European allies, who have lobbied the United States to stay in the treaty, see it as a central part of their security infrastructure and are likely to withdraw the United States' decision, Which will increase tension in translataltic relations.

The president and several officials of his administration are pushing to develop new nuclear weapons, even when they insist that they are not starting a new arms race with Russia. Also, he has criticized the idea that the United States should be bound by international agreements. But analysts and former executives say that ending another deal could increase global volatility.

Former President Ronald Reagan George Shultz, Former President George H.W. W. Bush's Secretary of Defense William Perry and former Democratic senator Sam Nunn, who formed a nuclear safety project with Henry Kissinger, wrote letters to the administration in March urging them to maintain the open skies treaty.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Mark Arizona, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump and National Security Advisor Robert O. Bryan wrote that "at a time when tensions with Moscow are growing, the Open Skies Treaty is very much in the United States and our Useful tool for allies to monitor Russian military activities. The United States' unilateral withdrawal from open skies will weaken American allies and friends in Europe. "

The Trump administration has already pulled out of an Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty and set the conditions for renewing the last remaining nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, the New Beginning Treaty, which experts and analysts say it Will not be extended. .

The director of the Global Zero Nuclear Crisis Group, John Wolfstall, said the "Skies Treaty Treaty" is part of a supporting document that creates stability and predictability in and around Europe. "Trump and his advisers are systematically destroying those deals because of Russia's default, but when you look at Trump's approach, he takes it down and puts nothing in its place and sometimes - Sometimes it makes it difficult for people to keep someone else in their place.

"This is a general disregard of a proven tool to secure American and allied interests," Wolfstal said.

The US accused Russia of failing to abide by the treaty. In early March, Amb. Jim Gilmore, United States Ambassador for the Organization's Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), said the administration was seeking "reciprocity" from Moscow over the deal.

"We believe that we Russians should be strictly accountable for the open skies treaty," he said. "The president's policy is that there should be reciprocity in all treaties. If we want to abide by our traditional obligations, we expect the Russians to strictly abide by their contractual obligations."

On Thursday, Pentagon spokesman Hoffman repeated US accusations that Moscow banned fighting near its enclave in Kaliningrad, an area between Poland and Lithuania where the Russian military maintains a solid presence. He also accused Russia of "refusing flights" within 10 kilometers of the Georgia-Russia border and denying a flight to major military exercises last year, which completely undermined the image of previously scheduled and approved military exercise activity Interrupted. "

Hoffman told reporters that Russia consistently violates its obligations under the open sky and enforces the treaty in a way that contributes to military threats to the United States and our allies and allies.

Russian default

Arms Control Association executive director Darryl Kimball said the dispute over overflows near Kaliningrad does not guarantee the deal to be abandoned.

Kimball said, "Concerns about Russian with the agreement, while serious, can be resolved, relate to political disputes between Russia and some of its neighbors, and do not rise to the level of violation of that material, Who would celebrate the United States' withdrawal from the treaty. " .

He said that despite Russia imposing a 500-km flight limit on Kaliningrad in violation of the treaty, "flew more than 500 kilometers from Estonia, Lithuania and the United States for the first time since the Treaty of Kaliningrad in February. Moscow 2014 "The border was imposed in the Russian newspaper Comrsant on 8 April."

According to the State Department, the treaty is "designed to increase mutual understanding and trust by giving all participants, regardless of size, a direct role in collecting information about military forces and activities through aerial imagery." Interests. "

Members of the treaty flying to other countries in the treaty must first clearly inspect their aircraft, analysts and experts. For example, Russian aircraft flying in the United States should be investigated by Americans, US intelligence agencies, and other treaty members.

American inspectors take pictures of the aircraft, seal its compartments, and then self-seal the aircraft and label it so that no technical equipment used for the photograph can be tampered with.

Once an airplane is certified by inspectors, only then is it allowed to fly. After your flight, all information and photos collected by that aircraft should be shared with all other treaty members to ensure transparency. "In each case when Russia flies over us, we get that information," Wolfstal said.

Wolfstall stated that photographs can only be taken at a certain number of pixels per square inch, to ensure that they cannot be taken forward.

According to people familiar with the decision, Trump signed a document indicating his intention to retire last year. Once the Trump administration informs other members that it plans to drop the treaty, the three-month clock for a final withdrawal begins, Wolfstal said.

European countries, including Ukraine, have advocated preserving the treaty, considering it an integral part of their national security. Some analysts say the treaty, which was designed to increase confidence that countries are not planning an attack, was a determining factor in Russia's decision to invade Ukraine with a small military force that Will be less noticeable than air.

European countries say that any dispute over Russia's compliance should be addressed through negotiations. Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton, has long been skeptical of gun control deals and his colleagues within the administration have questioned Russia's compliance claims. Before leaving his post, he urged Trump to indicate the United States' intention to withdraw the document, two US officials said.

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