Trump expels HHS whistleblower Rick, a bright 'disgruntled employee' ahead of House coronavirus hearing

Trump expels HHS whistleblower Rick, a bright 'disgruntled employee' ahead of House coronavirus hearing
Trump expels HHS whistleblower Rick, a bright 'disgruntled employee' ahead of House coronavirus hearing

Wired federal scientist-whistleblower Dr. Just before President Donald Trump announced Congress on Thursday. Rick Bright criticized that the United States had "lost early warning signs" about coronovirus.

Trump has morning tweeted Thursday, "I Rick Bright, do not know the so-called whistleblower, I never knew about them or heard."

But to me he is a disgruntled employee, he does not like or respect the people I have talked to and who, with his attitude, should not work for our government! "Trump said.

Testimony before the Bright Health Chamber's Commerce and Health Subcommittee at 10 am. ET.

In his initial statement, Bright is expected to say that could make highbrow -19 2020 "the deep cold of modern history", if the leader of the outbreak can not mount a more coordinated response to prevent.

Bright's written testimony stated, "Our window of opportunity is closing. If we do not develop a science-based, coordinated national response, I fear the epidemic will worsen, leading to death and death." "

In late April, Bright was removed as director of the Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority and transferred to a job with fewer responsibilities at the National Institutes of Health. He filed a formal whistleblower complaint with the US Office of Special Counsel. America after his expulsion.

Bright's lawyers say he was marginalized in retaliation to provide unrestricted potentially dangerous drugs reach, including "chloroquine for the rejection of attempts to trump the administration ... is that has not been tested and are potentially inappropriate fatal . " . ".

In March and April, Trump repeatedly cited malaria, chloroquine, and hydroxychloroquine as potentially effective treatments for coronovirus. At a press conference at the White House in early April, Trump said, "It may help them, but it won't do them any harm."

Bright, in a statement, said for the first time since his expulsion from BARDA by The New York Times that he directly pressed funds toward "potentially dangerous drugs".

"I said that I am speaking to combat the deadly virus, not science, nor should it lead to political or Kronijm way," Bright said, the Times said.

On April 24, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers not to take chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat Kovid-19 outside a hospital. FDA went to warn the deaths and toxicity associated with the drug.

A study by the JAMA Network published on Monday found that hydroxychloroquine does not appear to help Kovid-19 patients, and they are at increased risk of heart attack.

NBC News reported that Bright also felt under pressure to implement a national program aimed at increasing access to hydroxychloroquine, in which the president discussed the drug with Oracle President Larry Ellison, who raised campaign funds for Trump .

Trump has made little mention of drugs since late April. But when asked at a press conference why he stopped promoting them, Trump said: "I haven't done that at all. I haven't done it at all. What do you say? We'll see what happens." .. We have done a lot. Well and we had some results that were probably not so good. "

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