Trump unveils Space Force flag, which he calls new 'super duper missile'

Trump unveils Space Force flag, which he calls new 'super duper missile'
Trump unveils Space Force flag, which he calls new 'super duper missile'

President Trump held a ceremony on Friday at the Oval Office to sign the 2020 Armed Forces Day Proclamation and unveiled the official flag of the Space Army, the new military branch.

Standing with the military's top leaders, Trump called the deployment a "very special moment".

"We have worked very hard on this and it is very important from all points of view, from a defensive point of view, from an offensive point of view," Trump said.

The flag design comes from the Space Force seal, which was approved by the president in January. This angered Star Trek fans that some have similar to a logo in the science fiction franchise.

According to the White House, the dark blue and white colors of the flag are intended to represent a "vast reorientation of outdoor space" and include an elliptical orbit with three large stars symbolizing the purpose of the branch: "to organize, train and equip To "For Army Space Troops in Pentagon Language."

The Space Army was created to protect strategic American space infrastructure, including communications, navigation, and spy satellites, from opponents such as Russia and China.

As you know, China, Russia, probably others, started long before us, "Trump said." We should have started it long ago, but we have done a lot for it. We have developed some of the most amazing weapons anyone has ever seen. And it is moving very fast. "

Trump jokingly said that he summoned a new weapon that could attack at such a high speed that it would sink into the enemy's defense.

Trump said, "We have, I call it a super duper missile. And I listened [17] the other night, which they now have."

It was not immediately clear which missile the President was describing, but has been executed by the US. The US and other advanced powers are developing new hypersonic weapons, which at times are designed to compete at the speed of sound.

Trump joined Defense Secretary Mark Arizona, who praised the president for his efforts to advance the new organization within the Department of Defense.

With the establishment of the Space Force and the establishment of Space Command, the United States is doing what it must to protect its assets in space and ensure that space remains the sky by which we not only protect the United States We are, rather, Graff said, "To support our economy, we maintain our business capabilities, we Americans live Support the forest. "

Trump officially created the Sixth Branch of the US Armed Services, the Space Army. United States, in December. It is the first new military service since the creation of the Air Force in 1947.

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