Trump visits Baltimore and dismisses mayor's concerns about the virus

Trump visits Baltimore and dismisses mayor's concerns about the virus
Trump visits Baltimore and dismisses mayor's concerns about the virus

President Donald Trump paid a controversial visit to Baltimore to celebrate Memorial Day on Monday, with the mayor rejecting a warning to stay out of town while dealing with the epidemic.

The White House said that the ceremony at Fort McHenry, which defended the port of Baltimore during the War of 1812, inspired the later adapted poem as "The Star Spangled Banner" intended to honor American members who Were lost in the war.

But Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said a noncommittal visit to the president sent residents a "wrong message" seeking asylum in their homes. He said travel officials could implement social security measures on a holiday weekend to provide security for the White House.

Trump did not directly address Young's comments in comments at Fort McHenry, but expressed optimism about fighting the epidemic, which has already led the U.S. Claimed to have claimed approximately 100,000 lives. America

Trump said, "Together we will beat the virus and the United States will reach even greater heights with this crisis."

But Young has said that his city needs resources, not rhetoric.

"We don't need to spend our resources for presidents coming on orders to stay at our home," a youth Democrat said at the press conference on Friday. "I think he is breaking the law."

In a separate interview with CNN, Young said the White House did not inform the mayor's office before announcing the visit. He said the president's visit would violate restrictions in Baltimore, prohibiting the gathering of more than 10 people.

"It sends a very bad message to the citizens of Baltimore because I tell them to stay home and leave only for necessary reasons," Young said.

Trump has openly urged the reopening of cities and states that have killed nearly 100,000 Americans, despite the continued presence of coronoviruses. On both Saturday and Sunday, the President visited his golf club in Virginia. And early Monday, Trump attended a Memorial Day event at Arlington Cemetery.

A White House spokesman said, "Brave men and women, who have upheld our freedom for generations, did not live at home and the President would not even honor their sacrifice." Jude Deere in a statement.

Trump already has a strained relationship with Baltimore. In 2019, the president tweeted that the city was a "rat and rodent-infected disaster" where "no human would want to live," criticizing Congressman Eliza Cummings.

We have a president who comes to a city that has just been demonetized a year ago, and I want him to set an example for the rest of the country and not take this trip because it is not necessary, "Young told CNN.

Recently, Trump criticized Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican who had not joined Fort McHenry with the president, declaring that the state had conducted 500,000 trials for coronovirus from South Korea. Trump told reporters that Hogan "did not really understand federal assessment capacity" and that he could "save a lot of money" by using federal laboratories in the United States.

The head of the National Association of Governors, Hogan, has also advocated direct funding for states struggling with revenue loss due to the coronovirus epidemic, as the next phase of negotiations in Congress is subversive. Trump said that he sees the state budget situation as a leverage he can use to seek political concessions from Democrats.

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