Trump wants to advance Obama's baseless crime plot

Trump wants to advance Obama's baseless crime plot
Trump wants to advance Obama's baseless crime plot

President Donald Trump made his way to the weekend, showing that his predecessor committed a crime worth investigating despite being unable to provide names or any evidence. By Sunday, he was ready to wage a full political war with the last man to hold office.

Even the acknowledgment, Trump's attorney general did not expect criminal charges against former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, was unlikely to silence Trump's relentless attack.

By escaping the White House for another weekend at Camp David, Trump seemed "too focused" on Obama on Saturday and Sunday, a person familiar with the matter said.

As she hid in the rustic cabins sheltered on the mountain side with a list of Republican lawmakers, many of whom defended Trump during impeachment proceedings for national impeachment, Trump discussed ways to advance the baseless plot . Former President said that the person

When Trump returned to the White House on Sunday, he called Obama an "incompetent president" after dealing with the coronovirus epidemic during remarks on Saturday.

Before entering the White House, Trump said, "That's all I can say." "Very incompetent."

Between Friday and Monday, Trump tweeted or retweeted about Obama 19 times and seemed ready to continue his attack. His lines of attack fell into two categories: the former president's preparation for a global pandemic, which Trump claimed was insufficient, and yet unspecified criminality, which led to a horrific attempt to derail the Trump campaign. Claims get noticed. And the Presidency.

The unprecedented encouragement between Sessions and former presidents, who have only met once after appearing on Inauguration Day in 2017, is set to be a continuous line for the next five-and-a-half months as Trump goes through a deadly epidemic and treats Let's do it again. To fight Biden.

Attorney General William Burr's statement on Monday said neither Obama nor Biden were likely to be instigated by his department to investigate as the core of the Russia investigation, only highlighting that Trump How much you will bow down to your colleagues. Congress should pursue their conspiracy.

"As long as he is the attorney general, the criminal justice system will not be used for partisan political purposes," Barre told a press conference.

He said: "Not all abuse of power is a federal crime."

Hit the ground

Obama, who has consistently avoided arguing with his successor, came straight to the ground on Saturday night when he gave a speech for one-two televisions that aired nationwide.

Obama was invited to attend the event, when seniors canceled their programs, he upset Trump, who was not present. Trump will deliver a graduation speech at the US Military Academy next month. At US West Point, but unlike Obama, he was not solicited on online petitions for a prominent national address.

Obama did not name Trump in his comments. However, an assessment of how Coronavirus was managed in the United States was sparking sharp rebuke from the current president.

Did you think of all the adults who were in charge and knew what they were doing? It turns out he doesn't have all the answers, "Obama said during a prime-time special for major school seniors that aired on major television and cable networks." Many of them do not even ask the questions correctly. So if the world is going to get better, it is up to you. "

In remarks before graduates of historically black colleges and universities, Obama again did not name Trump. But the way to manage the worst public health crisis in a generation of current presidents became clear.

Obama said, "Nothing, this epidemic has completely broken the idea that many of them responsible know what they are doing. And some of them don't pretend to be in charge." While giving advice in the second set of comments, he attacked "Why so-called adults", causing things to go awry.

Although the subject of criticism of Obama was not raised, it was clear to many listeners that he was talking about Trump. White House press secretary Kayle McNee stressed that "Trump's unprecedented coronavirus response has saved people's lives" and his claim that "the arsenal left by the predecessor is to be filled," a claim CNN verified. Repeatedly.

During the past week, Trump has repeatedly called for Obama as he seeks to protect his handling of the coronovirus epidemic. Trump spent weeks trying to reduce the severity of the virus, the federal government's response was interrupted by delays in testing and lag in supply chains of equipment and supplies, and last week, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and the US Centers for Disease Prevention in the US , At the beginning of June, the death toll in the US will be over 100,000.

The uneven federal backlash, coupled with skyrocketing unemployment, has raised concerns about Trump's political position among Republican agents and officials. Trump has tried to turn the page to encourage states to stay indoors, expecting an economic rebound in the November election.

But he has tried to blame the crisis on the previous administration, turning the crisis into a referendum on Obama and Biden to prepare for such an epidemic, despite the fact that when Trump held office for more than three years Stayed at The virus attacked.

Using misleading claims, it has been repeatedly affected by administration from H1N1 swine flu, despite dramatically higher deaths from coronavirus.

Rough plot

Obama administration officials have dismissed the claims and pointed to various epidemiological preparedness to leave the administration in 2017. And Obama himself is tweeting articles and studies on the epidemic that encourage a test for scientific stagnation for politically exhausting decisions.

Meanwhile, Trump has added additional intrigue to the mix as he seeks to undermine the Obama and Biden administrations. For years, Trump claimed without evidence that Democratic supporters within the Justice Department and the FBI abused his powers to investigate members of his campaign and undermine his presidency. His latest claims against Obama appear to be an extension of the same underlying principle, which is part of the president's continued effort to rewrite the history of the Russia investigation.

There is no evidence that Obama has directed any FBI action against the Trump campaign before the 2016 election, but Trump has instigated the flames of that plot since at least 2017, when he tweeted Obama was "tapped into my cable," familiarizing people with the former president's displeasure with the case.

Trump made unfounded claims at various intervals over the last three years, but overturned them when the epidemic continued and his political situation was in danger.

Trump has encouraged friendly lawmakers to take steps to advance claims, including demanding that Obama appear before his committees.

Trump wrote on Twitter last week, "If I had been a senator or a Congressman, I would have been the first to testify about the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the US President. The former President of the FAR is Obama." "He knew everything."

At Camp David this weekend, Trump joined several lawmakers, who rose to prominence during the impeachment hearing, including Republican representatives, for their aggressive support. Jim Jordan from Ohio, Alice Stefnik and Lee Zeldin from New York, Devin Nunes from California and Matt Getz from Florida, along with their new Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and his wife Debbie.

When he returned to the White House, Trump did not say how he could work to advance his Obama claims.

"I think a lot has happened, very well, a lot, it was a work weekend," Trump said. "It was a good weekend. A lot of good things have happened."

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