United States and China fight at United Nations in Hong Kong

United States and China fight at United Nations in Hong Kong
United States and China fight at United Nations in Hong Kong

The United States and China on Wednesday clashed with Hong Kong at the United Nations after Beijing protested a request to pursue China's plan to implement new national security laws on the region.

The United Nations Mission to the United Nations said in a statement that the issue was "a matter of global urgency associated with international peace and security" and, therefore, deserves the immediate attention of the 15-member council.

The Chinese ambassador to the United Nations posted on Twitter that China's ambassador to the United Nations said that "China has rejected the request" because the National Security Law for Hong Kong was an internal matter and that "the Security Council's mandate has no Have nothing to do.

The United States request coincides with the increasing tension between Washington and Beijing over the coronovirus epidemic. Washington has questioned China's transparency about the outbreak, which first emerged in Wuhan, China late last year. China has said that it was transparent about the virus.

The US said that despite "cover-ups and mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis", violations of its international human rights commitments and its illegal behavior continued, with China's opposition at the Security Council meeting in Hong Kong. South China Sea, it should be clear to all that Beijing is not behaving as a responsible member of the United Nations. "

Zhang responded, "The facts repeatedly prove that the United States is causing the world trouble. It is the United States that has violated its commitments under international law. China in its power policies, the United States Avoids. " Urged to stop immediately. "Harassment Practices."

U.S. Secretary of State. The US, Mike Pompeo, told Congress on Wednesday that Hong Kong was no longer eligible for its special status under US law. The US because China imposed a moratorium on its autonomy could have given a devastating blow to the region's position as a major financial center.

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