United States President Trump is angry at China, United States may impose various restrictions on China

United States President Trump is angry at China, United States may impose various restrictions on China
United States President Trump is angry at China, United States may impose various restrictions on China

There have been two world wars so far and the world has seen its terrible consequences. Now, if the Chinese Corona virus conspiracy came to light, the result would be terrible. However, if the world struggling with Corona will be able to bear the burden of war at that time, this is a big question. Many experts also say that even if there is no direct war, the US will definitely make agreements with China. Because Corona, which left China, caused the most injuries in the United States. But how will the United States settle the account?

These days, US President Trump's anger and jealousy over China is on the seventh sky. They express this openly on the pretext of corona. Donald Trump does not want to miss any opportunity to surround China. This is also the first time that they have found a reason why they can oppose China to the whole world.

China too is so entangled in Corona's affair that it seems to have no way of avoiding it. The United States has clearly stated that China must pay the price of Corona. Not only this, the Trump administration has come up with a comprehensive plan to teach China a lesson. In addition, the US administration is also considering alternatives to recover and surround the crown of China.

This is your crown. I do that In this debate till now only the blem game was happening. The real battle will now begin in the United States and China. Ideally, China currently lags behind and defends itself in the case of the corona virus. At the same time, America constantly pressures it. The WHO tried to cool the case. But the US silenced it by threatening to stop its funding. America has a history that it never expected any country to be convicted for climbing.

Therefore, even in this case, the Trump administration plans to punish China on that front. What will keep it for a long time. This strategy to teach China a lesson for the destruction of Corona is to build America's intelligence community. That he is currently gathering all the resources to spread the corona virus. So that China can be assigned a strategy.

First, understand that this is USIC, which means the United States intelligence community. In fact, the United States Intelligence Community is the unified form of all agencies in America. In which data is collected from many agencies. All these American agencies operate separately. But they also work together in terms of foreign policy and national security. It is a very large group. Many US agencies are involved in this. The heads of all those agencies are part of this intelligence community.

This strategy against China started with the statement of the US Secretary of State. US Mike Pompeo, in which he said that the Communist Party of China would have to pay a heavy price for the whole episode. Not everyone can ask for money from China, but we will continue to recover damages from China. Not only this, due to the destruction of Corona virus in America, many MPs have also demanded an attack on China.

Experts believe that the United States has decided to take revenge on China and now there is a discussion on how much revenge should be taken. Because there is no doubt that due to corona, the United States has suffered the greatest damage in the world and the situation there is still fragile. However, the question now is how the US will attack China. Listen, America will first impose economic sanctions on China. Another option is that the US will not repay China's debt. The third option is to file a case against the Chinese government. The last option is to increase import duties on Chinese products.

All these options are because the United States believes that this should be a clear message to China as to what it intends to do. First, we talk about sanctions, namely, economic sanctions. In 2019, the United States already established several connections in China. Although at the time it was part of a trade war. And then this stream was put in place. Because America felt that it had a state in terms of technology. China is trying to get ahead by interfering with it. Think about what the United States can do at the festival. So now you have a reason for this. It is believed that these new and major restrictions may be imposed on China this year.

In addition, the United States has borrowed from China. You can cook it without cooking it. It is clear that this issue is promising, so it is possible that it will provoke China. But this is what the United States wants. However, doing so, the credibility of the United States and the US dollar will fall. Trust of other countries can also come from America. It would also be a violation of the US and international standards. But if it still happens, then suppose that the world may face a global recession.

The United States is also a way to file a lawsuit against the destruction of the Chinese government in Corona. Recently, the US state of Misavari also talked about filing a case in China for the Corona crisis. But this case did not continue as US law could not bring cases against foreign governments. And anyway it is considered against the sovereignty of a country. Although the United States is. He does what he likes. And it is called Dadagiri. Now, Trump has started by saying that the law will have to be amended to recover damages from the crown.

After these three options, the last option survives: increasing the import duty on goods imported from China so that the demand for Chinese goods is reduced without violating international regulations. What will be the impact on the business. But if this happens, the trade war between the two countries will be on fire. Despite this, the US wants to financially cripple China for China's dream of becoming a superpower. Must be killed. Currently, the Trump administration is weighing gains and losses on these four options.

However, experts believe that this strategy of the US against China will be like axing in the foot. Because the United States is still struggling with Corona and in such a situation, it is highly dependent on China, from medical experts to teams. Speaking of the current situation, PPE, which means personal protective equipment kits, medical devices, even drugs and pharmaceuticals, comes from China in the United States. So if the United States takes this step. Will have to take it again. However, it is certain that something big will happen between these two countries in the coming days.

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