Uproar over George Floyd's death in America

Uproar over George Floyd's death in America
Uproar over George Floyd's death in America

There has been an uproar in the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black citizen in Minnesota. After George's death, a large number of people protest and demand justice. Violent demonstrations were also held at several places demanding punishment of the convicted police officers. In this case, some time ago, United States President Donald Trump tweeted: "I can't step back and it's all happening in the great American city of Minneapolis." Leadership is completely lacking. Either Mayor Jacob Fray should take action on this matter and control the city or I will send the National Guard there and do this job properly.

Trump writes in his next tweet: 'These thugs are disrespecting the memory of George Floyd and I will not let this happen. I just talked to Governor Tim Walge and told him that the army is fully with him. It will be difficult and we will control it. When the loot starts, the bullets also fire. Thank you.'

Following the incident, the robbery was carried out at various shops in the city on Wednesday night. Authorities warned people that they would not tolerate violent incidents, looting. George Floyd's death is under investigation. St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axel said: "We know there is anger among people." We know many people have been unhappy, but we cannot tolerate people using it as an opportunity to commit crime.

Let us tell you that on Monday, the security guard of a restaurant George Floyd was caught by the police in a case related to forgery. A video of the incident went viral. It is clear from the video that George did not protest at the time of the arrest. The police put handcuffs on his hands and left him on the ground. After which a police officer pressed his knees on his neck. George kept saying that he could not breathe and passed out shortly thereafter. He was declared dead in the hospital. People were angry with George's death and started an uproar in the city on the issue of apartheid.

There are reports of looting in several shops in the city. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to control people. One person died after being shot. Police is also investigating whether the owner of a shop shot the person. The White House released a statement on the matter, stating that President Trump is deeply saddened by the incident and wants George Floyd to get justice.

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