What is Kim Jong secret harem for which schoolgirls are raised

What is Kim Jong secret harem for which schoolgirls are raised
What is Kim Jong secret harem for which schoolgirls are raised

There has been speculation for the past one month about the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jong. Some intelligence agencies said that Kim Brain was dead, while some reiterated that he was seriously ill. These speculations came to light on 1 May, when Kim was reportedly seen at a ceremony near the capital Pyongyang. The Korean Central News Agency published this news. However, no recent picture of Kim has been released. Meanwhile, many mysterious aspects of the life of this military ruler of Korea are once again coming to the fore. It is believed that girls whose virginity is not broken are kept in Kim's harem.

It is called Pleasure Squad. Know, what is this Pleasure Squad

After Kim came to power in 2011, the world believed that the arrival of foreign-educated Kim would solve the mystery of North Korea. Wrong practices will be eradicated from the country. But this did not happen. Kim did not end her grandfather's practice of being a sex entertainer. A group of girls, named Pleasure Squad, are hired for Khas Kim and her loyalists. Girls up to 13 years who have reached puberty are forcibly kept.

How is the election done

Kim's people keep an eye on girls' schools for this. If a girl makes them eligible to join the squad, she is caught. Before being taken away, the soldiers question whether they are Virgin. Subsequently, a forcibly taken girl may be subjected to a medical examination to ensure that she has no connection. To be sure, the girl is considered eligible to join the Pleasure Squad, whether she wants to or not.

The first plazer squad is believed to have been carried out by North Korea's founder Kim Il-sung to entertain himself amid the country's problems. According to the agencies, it started in 1970. Kim II dispatches his soldiers in search of the most beautiful and virgin girls in the country. After the election, he was taught how to meet the royal people, as well as dancing and singing. Many of these girls later started working as domestic maids within the harem. At the same time, some very beautiful girls were rewarded as women comforting Kim's loyalists.

It is believed that Kim's grandfather believed that by living and bonding with virgin girls, his biographical power comes within men, making him more powerful. The parents of these girls, who were forcibly raised and kept for entertainment, were told that their daughters were on an important mission and could not resist even after knowing the frightened parents.

By the age of 20, the girls were believed to have retired from the Pleasure Squad. After this, his second duty started. Either she would become a domestic maid, or Kim's soldiers or other loyalists would take her along when she was beautiful.

There are also different categories of girls in Pleasure Squad. Like girls who can dance and dance well, do the same. Some girls are trained and hired as spies. At the same time, there is only one category of girls for sexual pleasure, called Manjoko in the local language.

After Kim Il-sung's death, his son Kim Jong Il continued. Kenji Fujimoto, a man who was a cook during his tenure, claimed that he was also auditioned for the girls' election. The world did not know much about this squad. In addition to intelligence, those who survived Kim's clutches gave information about it. For example, a young girl coming to South Korea, Mi Hyang, said that she was part of Kim's squad for 2 years. According to him, he was raised from school at the age of 15.

However, after Kim Jong In's death, Pleasure Squad was discontinued for some time in 2011 by Kim Jong. It is then expected that the new ruler will do something better, although the reason behind this later is that Kim Jong was not sure about the girls who served his father because they knew many secrets. In an interview with The Telegraph, North Korean affairs expert Toshimitsu Shigemura said that she was sworn in before being sent back home that she would never open her mouth. The girls were also given $ 4,000, which is considered a huge amount in a poverty-stricken country.

The girls were not admitted for the next four years. The practice is believed to have ended in the country, but in 2015 Kim Jong started the Pleasure Squad again.

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