What is the secret of this mark on Kim Jong Un wrist?

What is the secret of this mark on Kim Jong Un wrist?
What is the secret of this mark on Kim Jong Un wrist?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong has returned once again after missing those 20 days. Amidst all the speculation of being seriously ill, mentally dead or killed, he appeared smiling and inaugurated the fertilizer factory in a public ceremony. However, now a picture of the event has gone viral on South Korea's social media. The picture has raised questions over the claims of the South Korean government.

South Korea claimed on Sunday that all news related to Kim Jong's heart surgery or his illness was just a rumor. He claims that Kim Jong Un has neither had any surgery nor any other treatment. However, according to The Sun, North Korea's official news agency Yonhap released a video of Kim Jong telling a different story. Even though Kim Jong is looking healthy, in the video of a tour of the fertilizer factory, there is a large scar of niggles in his right hand wrist. According to experts, this scar is not common and such a scar can be formed only after taking medical treatment for several days. This photo has gone viral on the social media platforms of South Korea and people are also making all kinds of speculations.

North Korea did not respond to surgery

On Saturday, North Korea said that Kim attended an event on Friday to mark the completion of the fertilizer factory near Pyongyang. He was first seen in public in the last 20 days. In video footage released by North Korean state media, Kim's reappearance was put to rest by speculation that he was either very ill or had died, but some media organizations and critics are still out on Kim's health Are raising questions about They are referring to moments where Kim's style of walking in the factory program seems a bit harsh.

According to Rashtrapati Bhavan Blue House, a senior official of the South Korean presidential office told reporters on Sunday that the government was confident that Kim had no surgery, no treatment. One of the most secretive countries in the world, South Korea has a disproportionate record for confirming activities in North Korea. But when rumors about Kim's health began to emerge in recent weeks, the South Korean government dismissed him as baseless, saying that no unusual activity took place in North Korea. This is not the first time Kim has not appeared in public for a long time. Earlier in 2014, he went missing for six weeks.

Trump expressed happiness

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he is 'happy' to see North Korean leader Kim Jong Un come back in public and look healthy. After appearing for the first time publicly about three weeks after speculation about Kim becoming seriously ill, Trump tweeted, "I'm glad to see he's back and healthy." The leader of North Korea appeared in public on Friday at the opening of a fertilizer factory in Suchon, north of Pyongyang. He was featured in a North Korean state television channel smoking cigarettes, smiling and smoking.

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