A 75-year-old man was pushed towards by the buffalo police, which comes from the tradition of peace

A 75-year-old man was pushed towards by the buffalo police, which comes from the tradition of peace
A 75-year-old man was pushed towards by the buffalo police, which comes from the tradition of peace

75-year-old Amherst, a New York resident at rallies and protests, aims to ask questions, gather the community and live in silent solidarity for peace, friends and his attorney said on Friday.

But he was put into national headlines on Thursday night when a buffalo police officer dropped him to the ground after a peaceful protest at the Buffalo City Office Hall.

In the video of the incident, Gogino was approaching a police line, and then an officer pushed him back.

Gugino stumbled backwards and then fell to the ground, his head hitting the pavement. There was blood on the back of his head almost immediately.

Onlookers at the scene said that the police called the medical personnel, who appeared within minutes.

Jamie Quinn, 17, of Buffalo said, "Blood was dripping from Gugino's ear, taking pictures there after 8 a.m. Thursday night, which triggered the city's curfew."

Quinn was standing on the stairs of City Hall just after the incident. Gugino's fall caused an accident, he said, but Quinn was unhappy with police action at the time.

With that I wanted to cry and not try to vomit, ”he said.

According to Erie County Medical Center, Gogino is in a serious but stable condition and is alert.

"It's a tragedy," said Terence Bison, who has known Gugino for nearly 10 years, referring to Thursday's incident.

"(Gugino) comes from the tradition of peace which means that it is important to witness justice," Bisson said.

The two met with their work against the witness, a group in Torture calling for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in Cuba, and a human rights group through the Western New York Peace Center.

Twenty spoke to Gugino about Zoom on Monday night, adding that Gugino did not specifically mention going to the protests this week.

As of Friday night, Bisson was unable to talk to Gugino at the hospital.

On Thursday morning, Gugino tweeted about his concerns with the police curfew.

He said the protests are exempt from curfew because Congress (and the mayor) cannot enforce laws that restrict the right of people to gather peacefully and complain to the government, ”he wrote.

"The government should gratefully receive a complaint, not arrest or beaten people."

Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown released a statement Thursday night about the incident, saying he was "very upset" by the video.

Police Chief Byron Lockwood ordered an internal investigation into the case, and then two officers were suspended without pay.

According to several media outlets, more than 50 members of the Buffalo Police Department's Emergency Response Team resigned from their special positions on Friday in response to the suspension.

“We look forward to continuing the construction going forward as we have worked together to address racial injustice and inequality in the city of Buffalo. My thoughts are with the victim tonight, ”Brown wrote in Thursday's statement.

His remarks were sung at a briefing on Friday by Erie County Executive Mark Paul Polknarz, who called the incident "completely avoidable".

"Buffalo is known as a city of good neighbors," Polonkarz said. "Unfortunately, it was not like the previous night. What we saw last night in front of the town hall is not acceptable here; it is not acceptable anywhere."

Polarikarz said Erie County District Attorney John Flynn announced that his office was investigating the incident to see if criminal action had been taken.

"We can only address racial injustice and end police brutality when we are united in our efforts and we do so under the law," Poloncarz said.

Victoria Ross, executive director of the Western New York Peace Center, said Gugino's goal is always "peace and justice", and that he is "very dedicated to the beginning".

Gugino's lawyer Kelly Zarcon said in a statement on Friday that his client is a long-time peaceful protector, defender of human rights and "the general hardliner of the United States Constitution for many years."

Mr. Gugino requests privacy for himself and his family while he recovers. The statement said he appreciates all the wishes received and requests that any other protests continue peacefully.

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