Abusive dr. Gone and why twitch won't say

Abusive dr. Gone and why twitch won't say
Dr. The disrespect went missing from Twitch this afternoon, and his account disappeared from the site, sparking rumors that it had been banned. Two days after the disappearance, Twitch said it would begin issuing permanent suspensions for streamers, as it broke out on sexual harassment and sexual harassment charges.

Twitch did not confirm that it allowed Dr. Disrespect was banned, why it could be banned, or if it could be banned permanently. Twitch in March for an undisclosed but "life-changing" amount. Signed a two-year contract. The broadcaster had signed a deal with a production company to produce an animated television series about his character.

Dr. Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel "Guy" Behm, is noted for his exaggerated personality (introducing his character as someone who takes the game to a certain climax) and the top 10 most followed on Twitch One of the accounts gone is the list which includes many people (such as ninjas) who are no longer using the site.

The possible restriction would be a big twitch statement if Twitch confirms it. He explains that after a week of complaints of sexual harassment and beatings, the stage will begin to take its streamers' behavior seriously and cease.

Beeham is not one of those accused of harassment or other misconduct, but has been a controversial figure in the past. Behm was banned last year for broadcasting from the men's room at E3. In 2018, he was criticized for making racist cartoons during the broadcast.

Twitch suggested Behm had violated the site's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service in an email to The Verge, but did not specifically say so. “As is our procedure, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a transmitter has violated our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. This applies to all streamers, regardless of status or importance in the community, ”a Twitch spokesperson said in an email.

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