Apple iPhone reviewing home screen and updating AirPods

Apple iPhone reviewing home screen and updating AirPods
Apple (AAPL) took a look at its iPhone's new operating system, iOS 14, which includes updates on how to download apps and organize them on their home screen.

The company closed its annual World Developer Conference on Monday by launching a new feature called App Library, which automatically organizes apps on your home screen so you don't have to scroll through multiple pages.

Apple also revealed a more intuitive way to discover and access new applications. The feature, named App Clips, provides a small portion of the app for you to use when you need it, whether ordering a scooter on demand or a restaurant meal. These applications are small and integrated with Apple Pay. Users can decide to download the full version of the application from the App Store.

The multi-day developer event is viewed by consumers and developers alike for clues on what to expect from iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watch. This year, the event is completely virtual for the first time due to the epidemic.

The event featured a classy camera job, coming from various locations for an executive next appearance, including an empty auditorium, a gym and a parking lot in the elegant Apple campus.

At the event, Apple introduced new updates to group chat in iMessage, including the option to post the most important conversations and mention others in group chat similar to Slack. Apple also showed users a new option to unlock and start their cars with the iPhone. This feature, named CarKey, will initially be available only with the new 2021 BMW 5 Series.

Incoming calls will no longer play on your screen on iOS devices including iOS and iPhone. Instead, they will appear as a banner at the top of the screen. And the Apple avatar, called Memoji, is getting new hairstyles, age options and masks such as face covers.

And he announced that AirPods, one of Apple's recent successes, would switch between devices and audio more easily. For example, users can finish a podcast and then pick up their iPad to watch a movie. When a phone call arrives, the audio will automatically switch to the call. The Pro version will now have a new feature called "Spatial Audio" intended to replicate the surround sound or cinema experience.

On the hardware side, Apple is also announcing a long-rumored change to its own chips for its line of Mac computers, a move that could lead to better battery life and more stylish devices.

It is also possible that we might call a redesigned iMac, the long-awaited over-the-ear headphones or object tracker a "tag".

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