China approves disputed Hong Kong National Security Act, tensions will escalate

China approves disputed Hong Kong National Security Act, tensions will escalate
The standing committee of the National People's Congress, China's leading legislative body, on Tuesday unanimously approved a comprehensive national security law for Hong Kong. According to this law, a person endangering national security, segregation with foreign forces, sabotage and terrorism can be punished with a maximum of life imprisonment. The 162 members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress unanimously approved it within 15 minutes of the introduction of the law. In Hong Kong, this law will take effect on 1 July.

Chinese security agencies to open offices in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post newspaper quoted sources as saying that China's new national security law would be incorporated into Hong Kong's law and order. The defendant would not be sent across the border to China to face trial in this law. This new law will allow China's security agencies to open their installations in Hong Kong for the first time.

China has no right to enforce law in Hong Kong

However, the Hong Kong Bauer Association said the new security law proposed by China could cause trouble in court as Beijing had no legal authority to enforce its national security law for the former British colony. There is strong opposition in Hong Kong regarding this law.

Hong Kong has been under Chinese occupation since 1997

Beijing is trying to handle the political turmoil of Hong Kong. Let us tell that Hong Kong came under British rule in 1997 under 'one country, two system' and has some rights of its own. It includes a separate judiciary and citizens' right to freedom. This arrangement is for 2047.

How did Hong Kong come into the possession of Great Britain

In 1942, the British army captured Hong Kong for the first time after defeating China in the opium war. In the second opium war that followed, China faced further defeat at the hands of Great Britain. In 1898, Britain leased some additional territories from China on a 99-year lease to strengthen its position in the region. Hong Kong moved rapidly under British rule.

In 1982, Britain began handing over Hong Kong to China, which was completed in 1997. China promised to give Hong Kong autonomy under the two-country system. China had said that Hong Kong would achieve all forms of freedom except foreign and defense matters for the next 50 years. China later made it a Special Administrative Region under an agreement.

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