Civil rights group, black life counts for Trump administration in protest of violence

Civil rights group, black life counts for Trump administration in protest of violence
Civil rights group, black life counts for Trump administration in protest of violence

The American Civil Liberties Union and the civil rights group, under civil rights law for lawyers, filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration and federal law enforcement agencies on Thursday, saying they violated constitutional rights to clear the way for President Trump's photoshoot Violent protesters were evacuated from a park on Monday for.

Court documents accuse officials of "coordinating and unprovoked accusations" of the mob of protesters who gathered outside the White House in Lafayette Park to protest the killing of George Floyd and Bryo Taylor. By the hands of the police, as well as a comprehensive systemic system. Injustice committed by the police against blacks in the United States.

The lead plaintiff in the case, Black Lives Matter D.C. The head organizer of the event, April Gogans, said, "What happened to our members on Monday night, here in the nation's capital, was a struggle for all our rights."

When Trump was having a press conference at the Rose Garden on Monday afternoon, he threatened to deploy troops to the cities that he said were surrounded by violent protesters, saying that the military would "quickly resolve the problem for him . "

At the same time, US Secret Service. USA, The US Park Police USA, D.C. National Guard and US Military Police. They were stationed in the US, deployed chemical barriers and fired rubber bullets for a peaceful protest. Washington, d. C. The collision took place long before the curfew. at 7 pm. ET.

At the conclusion of Trump's press conference, he moved from the White House opposite St. John's Church to the opposite side of the park, where he kept the Bible for a while for photographers. He was accompanied by Attorney General William Brar.

The basement of the historic church was damaged in a fire Sunday night.

The lawsuit was filed in US District Court. The District of Columbia received D.C. from America's Black Lives Matter. And individual protesters who were in Lafayette Park on Monday night. It prohibits orders from officers, including Barre and Secretary of Defense Mark Graff, who repeat illegal activities and damages for sustained injuries by the plaintiff.

"Around the country, military-armed law enforcement agencies are responding violently to people demonstrating against police vandalism," said Ben Wizner, director of the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project.

He said, "The right to oppose the First Amendment is under attack, and we will not let it go unanswered. This is the first of many lawsuits against protesters trying to bring the ACLU across the country in response to police brutality." " Wizner.

In recent times similar lawsuits have been filed in response to police attacks on journalists covering protests across the country.

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