Corona: WHO warns that the worst case is yet to come

Corona: WHO warns that the worst case is yet to come
The World Health Organization warned that the worst phase of the pandemic is yet to come due to increased infection of coronovirus worldwide. The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adnom Gibrios, has said that if governments around the world do not follow the right policies, they can infect viruses and people. A few days ago, the WHO chief warned leaders around the world not to do politics.

During a virtual meeting on Monday, he said that we all want the coronovirus to be eradicated as soon as possible. We all want to return to our normal daily lives, but the bitter truth is that we are still far from the end of this epidemic. He warned that the pace of global outbreak was increasing.

He said that the decline in national unity, the decline of global solidarity and the pace of coronovirus in a battered world are increasing. If it does not stop, the worst is yet to come. He also praised the work of the governments of Germany, South Korea and Japan and urged other countries to continue on their way.

The WHO has previously stated that the greatest threat before us is not viruses, but a lack of global solidarity and global leadership. We cannot overcome this epidemic with a fragmented world. Trump has criticized the WHO for not taking adequate measures at the onset of the epidemic, and believes the World Health Organization is more appreciative of China. However, the role of its administration in the treatment of the epidemic is also in doubt.

Where was Corona born? WHO team will go to China

The World Health Organization will soon send one of its teams to China to investigate the origin of coronovirus. However, it is not yet known who will join this team and what will be the purpose of this investigation. China has refused to investigate the origins of Karona from the beginning. China has been allowed to join the research team even when there is pressure on China due to the spread of corona virus. However, it remains to be seen whether this Chinese research team has the full support of the Jinping administration. The World Health Organization has been saying from the beginning that China should call its research team to determine if the virus is of animal origin.

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