Eurovision Song Contest Review: Over the Top and Around the Bend

Eurovision Song Contest Review: Over the Top and Around the Bend
Balancing on top of a hat, David Dobkin's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Fire Saga tries to add more humor to an event that is already famous for its excesses and insanity. The result is a film so extraordinary that it is Mama Mia! Have some Shame

Apparently operating with the belief that volume plus gloss is the equivalent of comedy, the film (which airs on Netflix) features Lars (Will Ferrell), a motherless son, and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams). Music teacher talking to fiction. As a pair of fire sagas, they perform in their small Icelandic fishing village, a place where everyone speaks English reminiscent of the Swedish chef in "The Muppets". To earn the respect of his hopeless father (Pierce Brosnan), Lars dreamed of representing Iceland in Eurovision. Sigrit, of course, just wants Lars to fall in love with him.

More of a tribute than a parody, this exaggerated spacing turns slap and cheese into a genuinely tasteless soup. A series of funny jokes, such as the fact that our heroes are repeatedly mistaken for brothers and sisters, is nothing more than filling the plot of both mass murder and elf murder. At the same time, gleaming in a multicolored cardigan and spandex suit, Pharrell makes Lars an irritable and cocky distraction from the most enjoyable performances (such as Dan Stevens Camp Spin like Russian George Michael and especially) from the film's original songs.

Composed of a number of talented musicians (Sawan Kotecha, who has written for Ariana Grande and The Weeknd), these stunning songs are for the humble, explosive pop that Eurovision is famous for.

At least, when Lars is quiet long enough for us to hear.

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