Governor criticizes Trump: President's rhetoric about George Floyd's opposition is dangerous and deteriorating

Governor criticizes Trump: President's rhetoric about George Floyd's opposition is dangerous and  deteriorating
Governor criticizes Trump: President's rhetoric about George Floyd's opposition is dangerous and  deteriorating

Two Democratic governors fired on President Donald Trump on Monday, accusing him of inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric about protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Illinois Governor J. "J.B." Pritzker directly challenged Trump during a conference call Monday morning with the country's governors, in which the president punished several governments for what he called his "weak" response to the protests that followed Floyd's death. Minneapolis Police Hands.

According to a transcript of his Twitter exchange by New York Times journalist Katie Rogers, I was extremely concerned about using the rhetoric I made, ”Pritzker told Trump.

"It's been provocative, and it's not okay for that officer to kill George Floyd," Pritzker said.

During the call, Trump said: "You have to dominate, if you don't dominate then you are wasting your time. You will be overthrown, you look like a bunch of idiots."

"You have to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years and they will never see these things again," the president said.

Pritzker mentioned that he called the Illinois National Guard and the state police to deal with civil unrest during protests over Floyd's death.

But the rhetoric emanating from the White House is making it worse, ”said Pritzkar.

And I must say that we are in real pain and we should have a national leadership to call for calm and to ensure that we are addressing the concerns of legitimate peaceful protesters, "Pritzkar said on Monday. Said during.

"It will help us bring order."

Trump dismissed Pritzker's criticism, saying that the governor had not effectively responded to the outbreak of coronovirus in Illinois.

"Okay, thanks a lot JB" Trump replied. "I really don't like your rhetoric because I saw it about Coronavirus. I don't even like your rhetoric."

"I think he could have done a much better job, clearly" the president said. "But that's fine. And you know, we don't agree with each other."

Another Democratic governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, said in a statement after the call that Trump's remarks during the call were "profoundly disturbing".

He said, "Instead of offering support or leadership to lower the temperature in the protests, President Trump told the governors to 'lower it' or we will be 'infirm'."

"He said governors should dominate the 'protesters' or it would look like a bunch of idiots."

"The President has repeatedly and brutally attacked the governors, who are doing everything they can to keep the peace as they fight a global epidemic that is unique in a generation."

"The president's threatening remarks should be concerning to all Americans, as they send a clear signal that this administration is determined to sow the seeds of hatred and division, which I fear will only lead to more violence and destruction" Whitmer said. "We must reject this way of thinking. This is a moment that requires sympathy, humanity and unity."

White House spokeswoman Kayle McNee said Monday at the press conference, "I don't know why Governor Whitham would be told to the president to do his job." "It is their responsibility to monitor their roads. They have the power of the police ... clearly, many of them did not do their job."

Last week, Pritzker called Trump "racist, deceptive, homophobic" after the president's tweet, when the robbery begins, "in response to Floyd's protests".

"His tweets, his reaction, his failure to combat racism in the United States, are causing the flames in a subtle and not-so-subtle way," Pritzker said on Friday.

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