How powerful is Interpol, with the help of which President Trump can be arrested?

How powerful is Interpol, with the help of which President Trump can be arrested?
Iran has issued an arrest warrant against United States President Donald Trump. Has issued an arrest warrant against Trump for the murder of Iranian military general Qasim Suleimani. Now Iran has asked for help from Interpol with a Red Notice so that Trump can be arrested. Explain that in order to facilitate the process of arrest, Interpol removes red notices for people sitting at the top level. In India too, the CBI sought Interpol's help to bring back Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya on charges of economic scams in the country.

What is Interpol?

Its full name is International Criminal Police Organization. 192 countries are its members, one of which is also India. The organization was founded in 1923, headquartered in Leon, France. Its goal is that the world's police should work together to arrest frightened far-reaching criminals and keep the world safe. Since criminals in modern times also work with the help of technology, Interpol is also technologically rich so that criminals are not out of their control.

What and how does Interpol work?

Interpol becomes active as soon as the culprit tries to escape at the highest level. It immediately starts working. Based on this, information is transmitted and an investigation is conducted into how a person or organization is committing the crime and how it can be eradicated. A lot of intelligence work is done using code language. Color coding is also very important in this. Based on this, Interpol issues four types of notices, its greatest strength.

It works in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. However, Interpol does not have the power to arrest. If a member country makes such a request, Interpol sends that message to other countries. Messages received from there are sent to the country that requested it.

What type of notice does Interpol issue?

Red Notice: Based on this, a request to deliver the accused / convict from the country where you are at the request of a particular country. For this, a firm national arrest warrant is required, only when Interpol can make such a request. However, the fugitive's arrest is based on the rule of the member nation where he is located.

Yellow notice: A yellow notice is issued to help locate the missing persons. It is often issued for minors or people who cannot identify themselves, such as people with mental problems. Human trafficking nuisance works extensively. Therefore Interpol is very useful to identify it. Similarly, during a natural disaster, many people go missing. Even then Interpol helps find them.

Blue notice: Blue notice is issued to collect additional information about the identity, place or activities of a particular person in relation to a crime. However, it does not guarantee extradition or arrest of the person.

Similarly, there are also black, green, orange and purple signs. We all have different goals. Orange notice is also very important. Based on this, Interpol issues an alert about an incident during which there is a fear of a big conspiracy. Such as planning a bombing during a festival or getting clues for some other terrorist activity.

Iran has asked Interpol to issue a red notice on Trump's case. So far, however, there has been no response from Interpol. Iran says Major General Qasim Suleimani was assassinated on Trump's orders. In fact, Sulaimani was well known in Iran. He was the head of the foreign army of the Revolutionary Guard there. It had considerable popularity in Iran as well as Syria and Iraq. Sulaimani was trying to bring Islamic revolution to Western countries. And it was believed that his effort was to destabilize Western countries and especially the United States. For this reason, on 3 January this year, the US killed Suleimani in an airstrike at Baghdad International Airport.

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