Lady Antebellum changed her name to Lady A: We think we've woken up

Lady Antebellum changed her name to Lady A: We think we've woken up
According to a social media post by the Grammy-winning group, the country's trio Lady Antebellum withdrew antebellum from her name on Thursday.

The trio behind the hits "Need You Now" and "Bartender" are now recognized as "Lady A", specifically discarding the term used to describe those who existed before the American Civil War.

In a statement posted on social media, the band said with members Charles Kelly, Hillary Scott and Dave Heywood that when the Lady A was formed 14 years ago, the group did not consider the "pre-Civil War" partnership, Which they weigh. This word. "Including links to slavery.

"We have suffered deeply and anyone who has felt insecure, invisible or worthless," the statement said. "The cause of pain was never our heart's intention, but it doesn't change the fact that it actually did. So today, we talk and make a change."

After a career of nearly a decade and a half, "there is no excuse" for making this decision, the publication continued. The band acknowledged their "delay" in changing, and wrote that "it is only one step" to deal with systemic racism.

The group said it would donate to the Equal Justice Initiative in 2012 through LADYAID, a non-profit organization started by Lady A.

"We are committed to examining our individual and collective impact and making necessary changes to the anti-racist practice," the statement said. "We will continue to educate ourselves, we will have tough conversations and we will discover the parts of our hearts that need to become better human beings, better neighbors."

The decision to drop the "antebellum" comes as protesters across the country call for a systemic shift toward racial equality. Demonstrations against racial inequality were revived in late May, following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man in Minneapolis. Floyd died after a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, stabbed his neck for more than eight minutes.

Lady A's complete statement

"As a band, we have strived to make our music a haven ... inclusive for all. We have seen and heard more than ever in the past few weeks, and moved our hearts with conviction Has been done, our eyes have widened. " Injustice, inequality and prejudices have always been faced by black women and men and continue to be faced every day. Now, blind spots that we did not even know have been revealed.

"After much personal reflection, band discussion, prayers, and many honest conversations with some of our closest black friends and colleagues, we have decided to remove the word 'antebellum' from our names and move on as Lady A. That our fans have been with us almost from the beginning.

"When we went out together about 14 years ago, we named our band after the southern 'antebellum' house where we take our first photos. As musicians, it gave us all the ideas of being born in the south Reminded me of the music that influenced us ... Southern rock, blues, R&B, gospel and of course, the country, but we're sorry and ashamed to say that we don't mind such associations Those weighing the term refer to the period of history before the Civil War, including slavery. The damage it has caused and those who have felt insecure, invisible, or devalued. The intent of our hearts because of pain Never was, but it doesn't change the fact that it actually did. So today we talk and create. We hope you will join us and join us.

"We understand that many of you may ask the question why haven't you made this change yet?" The answer is that we cannot excuse our delay in this realization, all we can do is recognize it, get away from it and take action.

"We feel that we have been awakened, but this is only one step. There are many more measures we will have to take. We are for the better. We need to examine our individual and collective impact and practice anti-racism Commit to making changes. " We will continue to educate ourselves, we will have tough conversations and we will find ourselves in the parts of our heart that need sorting: becoming better human beings, better neighbors. Our next step will be a donation to the Equal Justice Initiative through LADYAID. Our prayer is that if we lead by example… with humility, love, empathy and action… we can be better allies for those who are verbal and influential to our children and future generations. Do injustice indirectly. "

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