Man drives car against Seattle protest crowd and shoots defender

Man drives car against Seattle protest crowd and shoots defender
Man drives car against Seattle protest crowd and shoots defender

According to police video and an eyewitness, a man drove his car against a crowd of protesters in Seattle on Sunday, then shot and injured a protestor.

Seattle police said firefighters took the person who was shot and who was in stable condition. No one else was injured, police said.

The suspect was seen in the video of him getting out of his car when the protesters saw him walking near the eastern campus of the local police department around 8:30 pm local time. Branding what appears to be a weapon, he launches himself through the crowd and transforms himself into the police.

The incident was in sharp contrast to last month's peaceful demonstrations when George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis police custody last month.

A wounded guard named Daniel, 26 years old, raised his fist in the air when doctors kicked him out of the scene. He said that he had hit the man in the car in an attempt to remove them after entering a crowd of protesters.

"I'm looking at a car down [the road] ... I catch it. I hit it in the face. I heard the sound of a bullet in my arm and I walked ahead of time." Was about. "

The streets of countless cities and towns across the United States were filled with protesters on Sunday as massive peaceful protests of systemic racism and police brutality instigated by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the third week of Was headed for. .

Some cities lifted the nighttime curfew and withdrew support from the National Guard, and the protesters won a historic victory as a veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis city council. City police

The scenes were markedly different from last weekend, with police beating protesters with tear gas and batons, and a non-military gathering in Washington DC Park on Monday wiped out by force in a pre-military-style attack Was. A photo opportunity for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the body of 46-year-old Floyd, who was killed on Memorial Day when a Minneapolis police officer stabbed his neck for nearly nine minutes, now imprisoned in an infamous video, arrived in his hometown of Houston on Sunday. Public hearing on Monday. , And a private funeral on Tuesday.

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