Norwich suffered a loss to Norwich in the FA Cup without a Cairo road spell

Norwich suffered a loss to Norwich in the FA Cup without a Cairo road spell
There was no feeling of magic in the air, only the smell of hand sanitizer. Manchester United were made to work devilishly to reserve their place in the FA Cup semi-finals, but when they won 2–1 in overtime over Norwich City at Cairo Road, the idea was difficult to avoid in the competition. She will prove to be the one who suffers most from the absence of fans.

Norwich was better qualified, started jumping to show endurance and courage. A good margin game went against him, in part because he had a home advantage in name only. It is impossible to clearly determine the impact of the supporters, but the Canaries needed a twelfth man here, and it served as a sort of leveler, especially when Norwich went on the field 10 after the firing of Timm Klose. There were fewer men.

The essence of the FA Cup Mystique, although without doubt, comes from the spirit of the occasion, even under normal circumstances, the simple equation of the direct elimination format that imagines uninterrupted by the size of the league. . This was the first quarterfinal of the Norwich FA Cup since 1992; The city continued to stir throughout the day, beginning the afternoon in a stadium excited by a drunk cocktail of hope and challenge.

A Premier League team, intimidated and bullied together, was 90 minutes from Wembley, aiming to ensure that they could in turn breathe new life into the battle of their existence. Instead, a stadium sterilized to protect those from the coronovirus epidemic was stripped of emotions in a way we are now tragically addicted to, and deprived of the partisan atmosphere that made it more difficult Will happen. United

However, this does not mean that United were particularly lively in the first half. A team with eight changes has been disappointed since the Premier League's smooth win over Sheffield United. Even Bruno Fernandes could not help falling into the pattern of wrong passes and wrong runs, although he was always the most likely to score. Temu Pakki touched the ball in the middle of United only once in the first 30 minutes, a sign of how isolated the Finland striker was as Norwich clearly had no legs or willpower.

Magyar blocked Lucas Rupp's shot when the first half ended, but neither of the goalkeepers worked until Odion Ighalo scored the first goal.

Six minutes after the restart, Luke Shaw also easily defeated United's leftie Eemi Bendia and crossed into the box. Juan Mata picked the ball up in the air but to Igloo, who found himself in space and directed a shot outside Tim Krul's rear right leg.

The arrival of Fernandes was rightly announced in January, as his remarkably consistent solo performance and increased confidence for those around him, but the Igloo acquisition is proving to be more useful than many prospects. It was his fifth goal since signing on loan with Shanghai Shenhua. They have come in all Cup competitions and while the 31-year-old has not struck fear in the hearts of the best defenders, he has lightened the burden on Marcus Rashford and Anthony Marshall, and has shown a true love for the club that Ole Gunnar Solskar has It is believed that it can infect others.

Rashford, and later Marshall, were required, however, after Norwich's terms and logic matched. Todd Kentwell's 75-minute shot did not have the most power, but goalkeeper Sergio Romero's slow attempt to dive to his left deflected the ball at a crucial moment.

Norwich suddenly seemed excited. Buendia fired a shot from Romero to the right post. Onel Hernandez drove purposefully into the box, only to be stopped by an excellent sliding tackle from United substitute Brandon Williams. The pendulum grew so much that the visitors were in second place when the game progressed decisively in their favor despite summoning the cavalry as Rashford, Paul Pogba, Mason Greenwood, Nemanja Matic and Brandon Williams.

Fernandes's clever film gives Igloo a chance to replace Chloe. Norwich Central Rugby knocked Iglo to the field, but somehow dared referee John Moss to oppose his red card. United spent their usual time in the middle of Normwich, but the home team held on.

Imagine how local fans would react.

The singing of the crowd playing on the public address system, as the second half and overtime began, were both copied. Norwich was under the kosh, a downcast but struggling man who resembled an attack vs. defense game, dismissing him as overtime.

Solaskar pitched Marshall for Eric Bailey in an attempt to beat Norwich, but they were successful during the first extra period. That song from the AP crowd reappears, loudly heard, but nothing like the real thing. Krull flew himself to his left to avoid a Maguire header. Wave pushed Norwich back after a pressure wave from United, but a penalty shootout was visible.

He was up to the 118th minute. Pogba played the ball against Igloo in the box. He helped Marshall and as Ben Godfrey struggled to clean up, Maguire launched with his left foot to sweep the ball.

United's relief was frills. Norwich was eliminated, only to be let down. Krul's notoriety in penalties is notorious, but he was denied the opportunity to open his cheat box.

Playing this type of game behind closed doors felt strange, especially because the game was [almost] the biggest success for the club in the FA Cup in 30 years, "Farc said after the game." It would have been fantastic and I would have made my fans feel proud, but I think we too have acted with this performance and desire. We want to feel the conversation and create new memories for them, but this is a new normal thing at the moment. At least we can play football. "

At the far end of the floor is a banner spread over a section of empty seats: "You can't see us and you can't hear us, but we'll always be with you." How Norwich missed him today.

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