Organizers aim to bring one million protesters to the largest BLM demonstration ever in Washington

Organizers aim to bring one million protesters to the largest BLM demonstration ever in Washington
Organizers aim to bring one million protesters to the largest BLM demonstration ever in Washington

The nation's capital is set to stage its biggest ever protest, and thousands are expected to march against police brutality on Saturday as the nation mourns the death of George Floyd.

Black Lives Matter organizers hope to attract one million protesters.

Authorities have expanded the security perimeter surrounding the White House, which now extends to the outskirts of the park complex called Ellipse, near the National Mall.

"We have a lot of public and open source information suggesting that this coming Saturday incident may be the largest in the city," DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters on Thursday.

It was unclear how many people would be involved in Saturday's protests, but # 1MillionDCSaturday was calling on Twitter to march 1 million people to the capital.

Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy said on Friday that local officials estimated crowds of 100,000 to 200,000 protesters.

Newsham did not commit to a number, but predicted that it would be smaller than the Women's March in 2017, which attracted around one million people.

Police announced on Friday that large portions of roads would be closed on Saturday to accommodate protesters.

US Park Police USA He told McClatchy DC that he was using "intelligence to monitor upcoming incidents", but would not release details that could "pose a threat to the public and the police."

More than 4,500 National Guard troops are still stationed in Washington, and many federal law enforcement officers also patrol the city,

But Mayor Muriel Boeser wants all non-DC soldiers to leave the city. On Friday, 900 active military police officers based around Washington were taken into custody following the Defense Department's civil unrest following Floyd's death on Friday.

Bowser said he only asked 100 DC National Guard troops to make up the White House perimeter in a limited and unarmed role.

Demonstrators line the streets around the White House every day this week. On Monday, riot police removed peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square, using papercorn and smoke cans, so President Trump could go to a neighboring church for a photo shoot.

Since then, the protest has been largely peaceful, with some arrests, and curfew has not been imposed in the city since Wednesday night.

Across the country, the number of assembled National Guard troops has doubled in the last four days. The National Guard tweeted on Saturday that 43,000 troops were deployed in 34 states and DC to assist law enforcement with civil unrest, while 37,000 guard soldiers and airmen continue to assist with the Kovid-19 response.

Dozens of protests are planned in all boroughs of New York City, after Friday, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. announced that his office would not prosecute protesters accused of breaking curfews or other crimes at lower levels. The district-level lawyer said that the protesters alleged low-level crimes, "weakening the vital relationship between the police and the communities we serve."

New York City operates from 8 pm. Curfew remained in place until Sunday night, after the robbers looted the business, mainly in the first week. There have been a series of skirmishes between the authorities and aggressive protesters, but as the week progresses, protests have become more peaceful. Police say around 2,500 people have been arrested in the city since late May.

On Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio explained why he did not lift the curfew.

"Whoever said 'Is this more bad than good?' The mayor said I would say no. We have actually celebrated three good nights followed by two bad nights.

In Chicago, officials prepared for another busy weekend of protests, and hundreds began meeting in Union Park on Saturday morning. The city closed several major roads and modified traffic routes on Saturday to make room for protesters. Chicago at 9 pm. Curfew is in force at weekends.

At the same time, thousands of people showed up to remember Floyd before the second memorial service on Saturday, this time in North Carolina, where he was born.

Those mourning Saturday morning were about 24 miles from Fayetteville for a two-hour public trip to their coffins at Roughford's Cape Fear Conference B. A private service for family members starts at 3 pm only. Local time but it is airing.

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