Pete Davidson's film The King of Staten Island was released by a handful of theaters by Universal as the Pic premieres on PVOD - update

Pete Davidson's film The King of Staten Island was released by a handful of theaters by Universal as the Pic premieres on PVOD - update
UPDATE, 2:23 PM: We heard from exhibition sources that it was the filmmakers behind The King of Staten Island who wanted to keep the film a premium VOD release, and the simultaneous release of PVOD-Theater this weekend Did not happen. Clearly, this whole problem had nothing to do with Universal's rigid terms with the exhibitors. I heard that Universal took it upon himself to book the film as he did with the Trolls World Tour, and then changed his mind at the last moment after consulting the filmmakers.

The reason for the whole "tough words" seemed odd was because Universal, more than any other studio right now, is the biggest product on screen such as Trolls World Tour, Invisible Man, The Hunt and Focus Features. ' Highest point.

PREVIOUSLY, 12:31 PM: We heard that there is nothing in relation to this news, but Universal originally booked The King of Staten Island in about 100 theaters (approximately 988 are open this weekend), and Then changed his mind at the last minute and removed the pitch, strictly removing him from his PVOD crash on Friday.

A studio source has said about the reservation for the Pete Davidson film directed by Jude Apto: "It was a misunderstanding, and we asked about the cinemas who had reserved it, not to restart it."

Meanwhile, the Universal / DreamWorks Animation World Trolls Tour will premiere on PVOD and will premiere in more than 200 theaters last weekend. I was told that it was a separate deal with the exhibitors, who were open, to play that picture on screen and at home, while King of Staten Island was a strictly PVOD release.

Apatow corrected fans on Twitter, who believed that the film, inspired by Davidson's life, had a stake in their local theaters. "It won't play there," he wrote. "It's a mistake. It's only on VOD."

The variety heard from self-service exhibitors is that Universal was calling for abrupt conditions in the current COVID-19 environment with most major exhibits including AMC, Cinemark and Regal closed. After AMC stated that it would block all Universal releases if they simultaneously committed to PVOD and a mass theatrical release, its earnings call noted that the company was still in talks with the studio.

Once again, the only strange thing in all of this is how much one can ask theaters on Staten Island, Universal State? The Trolls World Tour is still booked in theaters and will likely be # 1 this weekend in its tenth weekend after raising $ 3 million from a room opposing the closure of coronoviruses.

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