The Floyd family urges quiet protest, but violent clashes continue for another night

The Floyd family urges quiet protest, but violent clashes continue for another night
The Floyd family urges quiet protest, but violent clashes continue for another night

A few hours after George Floyd's brother told protesters to avoid violence, the Minneapolis site where Floyd died was being treated as a sacred monument.

The night contrasted with what was happening in other cities across the country, where protesters were surprised by the curfew forced to attempt to curb the riots that took place in the week since Floyd Bajo's death. police custody.

Our cities are boiling because people are suffering, "Louisville Urban League President Sadika Reynolds told CNN's Don Lemon on Monday night." These are years and years of lack of access to justice. This is a lack of responsibility from the police departments. It is about not calling good officers to bad people. "

Floyd's family, as well as many mayors and governors, support the protest, but he has condemned the looting and violence that has led to several arrests across the country.

The protesters have also received tear gas and rubber bullets from some police departments, although there are examples of police officers joining the protesters.

Floyd's brother Terence Floyd spoke to those in support of his brother on Monday, who gave a simple message to those who committed the violence.

"I don't want them to do that," he said.

The day Terence Floyd appealed to the protesters for peace, President Trump took an aggressive stance for the protesters. The crowd was pushed back by tear gas to clear the way for the president to be photographed in front of the historic church. It also threatened military deployment against protests across the country.

latest developments

• Four officers were shot during protests in St. Louis. Two officers were shot in the leg, one in the leg and one in the arm, Chief John Hayden said at a press conference. Injuries are not life-threatening, Hayden said.

• Las Vegas Metropolitan Police is investigating two shootings involving officers during the night in which an officer was shot, police told CNN affiliate KVVU-TV.

• More than 40 people were detained in Oakland for curfew violations that the city initiated in response to the protest.

• When the robbery took place in New York City's Herald Plaza, protests in other parts of the city were peaceful. Mayor Bill de Blasio said a Brooklyn protest at the Barclays Center was quiet, but urged people to go home, adding that there were people in the city who did not protest, but destroyed property and damage to others ". .

• Early Tuesday, military helicopters patrolled the skies of Washington DC to disperse crowds of protesters beyond the city's curfew.

Governor rejects call for strong response to protests

Despite Trump's call by the government to take stern measures against protesters, many state leaders heeded the family's call for peace.

Washington state governor Jay Inslee condemned the president for "threatening Americans with his army".

Inslee said, "Your admiration for writers around the world should not allow you to violate the 200-year American tradition of local law enforcement."

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak denied Trump's suggestion that the National Guard did not do enough in some states, saying the two units were ready to protect Nevada.

Sisolak said, "The President has once again taken the path of inciting war, reducing racial tensions and creating division when we need unity."

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican and frequent critic of the president, said that while he should have been surprised by the White House's hard-line message, he was not.

"On several occasions over the last few weeks, when the country needed more compassion and leadership, it was just nowhere to be found," he said.

2 autopsy Floyd Mansloth died, but separated on important details

As government leaders debated how to deal with the protests that emerged from Floyd's death, two separate autopsies disagree with details of his death.

Both the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's report and an independent autopsy commissioned by Floyd's family concluded that his death was a homicide. But they differ in their account of how this happened.

Last week's video shows Floyd was arrested by four officers. The trio seated him on the ground, with one officer Derek Chauvin with his knee around Floyd's neck when he said he could not breathe.

The independent autopsy said Floyd died of "sustained pressure suffocation", which cut off the flow of blood to his brain. But the medical examiner did not mention suffocation.

The county's statement said it did not find any "physical findings" from suffocation, but the death was "complicated by neck deposits, restriction and compression caused by cardiopulmonary arrest." The county said heart disease and drugs were in "critical conditions" until death, but did not describe the level of drugs in Floyd's system.

One of the independent medical examiners, Drs. "There are no other health issues that can cause or contribute to death," said Michael Baden.

We plan to hold everyone accountable. '

Chauvin has already been arrested for Fluid's death, and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Monday that more action would soon take place.

All four Minneapolis officers were fired at the scene of Floyd's death, but only Chauvin was charged against him. But amid calls from all officers who witnessed the incident, but did not intervene to face justice, Ellison said he is investigating the action against him.

Chauvin is charged with third-degree murder and second-degree murder and was initially expected in court on Monday, but his appearance was rescheduled for June 8, the day before Floyd's funeral.

Although he cannot comment further ethically on the possible prosecution, Ellison said on Monday that he spent 24 hours before reviewing the evidence.

"We are very carefully apprehending all those who did not perform their duty and did not meet the legal requirements of their position or did anything positive that violated the law," Allison said.

"When we are ready, and it won't be long from now, we plan to take appropriate and deliberate action," he said.

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