The majority of the Minneapolis City Council supports the dissolution of the police force

The majority of the Minneapolis City Council supports the dissolution of the police force
The majority of the Minneapolis City Council supports the dissolution of the police force

Most members of the Minneapolis City Council said they support the dissolution of the city's police department on Sunday, an aggressive stance that arose as the state launched a civil rights investigation following the death of George Floyd.

Nine of the 12 council members appeared with activists at a rally in a city park on Sunday afternoon and promised to terminate the police as the city currently knows it. Council member Jeremiah Ellison promised that the council would "disband" the department.

It is clear that our surveillance system is not keeping our communities safe, "Council President Lisa Bender said." Our efforts for incremental improvement have failed, period. "

Bender said that he and eight other council members who had joined the rally are committed to ending the city's relationship with the police force and "end the surveillance as we know it and keep rebuilding the system" Let's keep us safe. "

Floyd, a handcuffed black man, died on May 25, when a white officer pressed his knee against Floyd's neck, ignoring his cry of "I can't breathe" and even after Floyd was shaken Kept him there. His death sparked protests, some violent, many peaceful, that spread throughout the country.

Community activists have criticized the Minneapolis department for years for what they say is a cruel and racist culture that opposes change. The state of Minnesota launched a Department of Civil Rights investigation last week, and the first concrete change came in a scheduled agreement on Friday, in which the city agreed to ban the choke and neck.

A more complete reorganization of the department is likely to develop in the coming months.

An entire department has been disbanded before this. In 2012, with the crime in Camden, NJ, the city dissolved its police department and replaced it with a new force that covered Cameron County. Comton, California, took the same step in 2000, shifting its surveillance to Los Angeles County.

After Michael Brown's death, it was a move that the then Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department was considering for Ferguson, Missouri. The city eventually struck a deal at the bottom, but required large-scale reform by a court-appointed arbitrator.

The move to abolish or abolish the Minneapolis Department is far from assured, and civil rights investigations are likely to unfold in the coming months.

On Saturday, activists staged a demonstration outside the home of Mayor Jacob Frew to protest against the department. Fray goes out to talk to them.

"I am facing my responsibility, I have my own failure in this," said Fr. Asked if he supported his demands, Fray said, "I do not support the complete abolition of the police department."

He went to the aunt.

In another Saturday march, during which leaders called for the department to be discharged, Verbena Dempster said she supported the idea.

"I think, honestly, we're in the very past" an opportunity for improvement, Dempster told Minnesota Public Radio. "We have to bring the whole system down."

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