The US bans H-1B visas, which is a major setback for Indian professionals.

The US bans H-1B visas, which is a major setback for Indian professionals.
In the wake of rising unemployment in the United States due to the Corona virus, President Donald Trump has banned work visas abroad, including the H-1B. This ban will continue till the end of this year. This move by the United States government will hurt Indians the most, as H-1B visas are very popular with Indian IT professionals. Justifying his decision, Trump said he would help the millions of Americans who lost their jobs due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Despite opposition from business organizations, legalists and human rights organizations, the Trump administration has taken this decision. The government measure will have a direct impact on many American and Indian companies, particularly Indian IT professionals, who were issued H-1B visas for the 2021 fiscal year beginning October 1.

In this regard, President Trump said: "We must take into account the influence of foreign workers on the United States labor market, especially when the unemployment rate has increased due to the current extraordinary circumstances and demand for labor. He also said that United The general unemployment rate in the state has registered a four-fold jump between February and May. Our people will have to compete with foreigners to get employment in all sectors of the economy. There are some who are temporarily in the United States. Come to work. These people also bring their spouse or children, who then create competition for Americans.

According to Trump, more than 17 million jobs were held in industries between February and April in 2020, where employers show interest in hiring employees with H-2B non-immigrant visas. During the same period, more than 20 million employees in the US. In the US, he filled his office with holders of H-1B and L visas for their lost jobs, which are found predominantly in major industries.

On Monday, during the announcement of the cancellation of foreign work visas, including H-1B visas, Donald Trump said: "The unemployment rate of young Americans competing with some J non-immigrant visa applicants has increased. Specifically, it 29.9 percent in the 16–19 age group and 23.2 percent in the 20–24 age group. Employees 1B, H-2B, J, and L under the H-Non-Immigrant Visa programs are in today's difficult situation for Americans. There is a great danger. "

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