This person raped the cat first and then

This person raped the cat first and then
an incident that embarrasses humanity. Which has shaken the entire nation. According to the news, let me tell you that this person left the cat in a semi-collapsed condition on a road in Ardhangn Town and when people saw the cat in an unhappy condition, he was immediately hospitalized.

In this case, the doctor says that "many of the cat's organs were burned." According to a report with her, the doctors said: "After the cat was raped, an attempt was made to burn her with hot wax and then the rapist left her on the street.

There were also scars on the cat's body. At the same time, the case is being reported from England, where people saw a cat in an unstable condition on a street in a volatile city and seeing that they thought it appropriate to take it to the hospital. When doctors examined the cat in the hospital, everyone was shocked, and now pictures of it are also going viral on social media.

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