Trump's latest attempt labeled Biden as radical failures

Trump's latest attempt labeled Biden as radical failures
Joe Biden said he opposed the growing movement on the left to destroy police departments.

President Donald Trump and the Republicans own him anyway.

Trump went to Biden on Twitter, describing him as the leader of the "radical left" and responsible for a movement that celebrates chaos, pampers "antifa" and demonstrating to police.

But the speed and clarity of Biden's impeachment, which occurred when CBS, ABC's "The View" and other media outlets were answering questions about disbursement of police to Democratic politicians, suggest that Biden's team was one such He wanted to avoid problems that he considered politically poisonous.

And at least for now, they have been successful. Biden emerged on Monday from attacks that damaged significant backs of activists who have adopted the "defense" movement.

This was Trump's last attempt to link Biden to far-left positions in the Democratic Party. The goal is to harm the presumptive candidate between independent Republicans and "never Trump", dividing the Democratic coalition's left and liberal factions.

Biden followed his bid on a tried and true path, in which he went too far on certain policies. His campaign points to the restraint that polls show as one of the reasons that he is eating voters who Trump won in 2016, including suburban and older voters.

On Monday, Biden's stance was praised, which refused to cut funding for police departments, but supported reforms and surveillance.

And while this was the latest example of how Biden hit a leftist idea associated with his party's activist base, he opposed "Abolished ICE" and Medicare for All during elementary school, with progressives, generally, expressing absolute disdain did not do. Biden whom Trump has been waiting for.

It is clear that protests have intensified across the country since the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died in police custody in Minneapolis when a white police officer patted his neck, killing police and the public Exposed the increasing tension between. Removing the police has different meanings for different groups, ranging from demilitarizing the police department to dissolving traditional operations and moving to more community-based public safety.

Biden left no doubt about his situation.

"No, I don't support the police outlay," Biden told CBS's Nora O'Donnell. "I support the conditioning of federal aid to the police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honesty, and in fact, can demonstrate that they can protect the community and everyone in the community . "

His campaign noted that Biden has already proposed a criminal justice plan that includes training, community policing, and additional funding for police departments to hire more officers, with requirements for hiring some minorities. Requires $ 300 million.

While the progressions had not caused a fuss from Biden's stance, some were unhappy, hastening to their response, shortsighted, and saying that they needed to spend more time listening.

“The current perception of surveillance in the United States should be abolished. And that's why municipalities like Minneapolis and other elected agencies at the local and state level are seen doing exactly that, ”said former Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner. "For the Vice President, therefore, to reject the notion of joining hands is to show a deafening tone that the black community certainly cannot afford anyone to compete for the presidency."

Scott Roberts, senior director of criminal justice campaigns for the racial justice organization Color of Change, called Biden's comments "disappointing".

"I think it's not a reaction that's based on a lot of reflection, clearly," Roberts said. "I don't know if Senator Biden has taken the time to talk to the groups leading this charge for reimbursement on the police." "

Pennsylvania State Representative Summer Lee, a democratic socialist who helped organize the speaker's padyatra at the state capitol on Monday along with other lawmakers to demand police reform, said he is concerned about the "inherent disrespect" of Biden. Campaign of.

I think it is a terrible notion, thinking about restructuring the society we know, and it has been in this society for a long time. Taking the time to consider people of a different generation, a different background, a different socioeconomic status, why do they think the way that she is not there yet, "he said." My fear is… that he is not taking the time to understand perspective before making hasty decisions. "

However, by quickly rejecting the call, Biden would make it harder for Trump to position himself as president of the law and try to defeat a challenger who embraces illegality. Biden has a long history as a law enforcement Democrat: his accounting of the 1994 crime bill has been a constant source of criticism, including Trump himself.

In a press call on Monday, Trump's replacement Caroline "Bunny" Welsh, a former Chester County, Pennsylvania sheriff, blamed Biden for "the new slogan of evicting police", saying "former vice president" of this movement owner. "

"He basically turned his back on the police," Welsh said.

Even if he is not popular with the left of the party, Biden's stance aligned with the top Democrats in Congress, said Matt Bennett of the center-left group Third Way.

"He's intimidating classic Republicans," Bennett said of Trump. "He took advantage of it because he has nothing else, literally nothing. As an opportunity to scare people, because that's what they do. "

Former Barack Obama adviser David Axelrod called Biden's move "the right position".

"Fundamental change: redefining public safety, how funds are allocated, and doing so in partnership with the community is essential," Axelrod said. "But very few people will accept elimination with nothing to eliminate the police. Trump will have a field day with it. He's already trying to turn words into a weapon."

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