Was Corona born in China? WHO team will find out

Was Corona born in China? WHO team will find out
The World Health Organization will soon send one of its teams to China to investigate the genesis of coronovirus that killed more than 10 million people worldwide. However, it is not yet known who will join this team and what will be the purpose of this investigation. China has refused to investigate the origins of Karona from the beginning.

China has been allowed to join the research team even when there is pressure on China due to the spread of corona virus. However, it remains to be seen whether this Chinese research team has the full support of the Jinping administration. The World Health Organization has been saying from the beginning that China should call its research team to determine if the virus is of animal origin.

Head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adnom Jibrios, said that when we know more about the virus, we can fight better. He also said that this includes the place where the virus originated. The WHO chief said that we will send a research team to China later next week to investigate the origin of the virus.

Many countries in the world, including the United States, have been attacking the World Health Organization for the coronovirus epidemic. President Donald Trump called the WHO a "land of China". That is why the United States severed all its relations with this organization. WHO gave the world very little information about the corona virus from the beginning.

WHO took over the WHO from Tadros Adrenom Gabaris, head of the World Health Organization in 2017. He is said to have achieved this position due to the lobbying of China. Therefore, it is deciding in favor of China. Keep in mind that Tadro is the first African to become the head of the WHO.

Trump blamed the WHO and China for Corona deaths worldwide. Trump said: "China is in full control of the WHO despite supporting only $ 40 million ($ 40 million) annually." On the other hand, the United States was providing $ 450 million in aid annually. Since they have failed to make the necessary corrections, therefore, we will end our relationship with the WHO.

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