6 things to know about Emmy's nominations

Nobody really knows what TV, country or planet might look like in a few months, but that doesn't mean there aren't any Emmy nominations. Tuesday's announcement was funky, made remotely (of course), but the candidates are a mixture of old and new.

1. Netflix giant. Netflix had more nominations than any other broadcasting network or service - 160, ahead of HBO, which ranked second in No. 107. The highest-ranked broadcast network, NBC, ranked third with 47 nominations, 15 of which were on Saturday Night Live. Not only were the big dramas like Incredible Things, Stranger Things and The Crown done good. Not only is she strong in comedy now, with Dead to Me and The Kominsky Method, both of which have been nominated for a great comedy series. Netflix, like HBO, is now represented in almost every major category, from diversity to reality.

2. Emmy nominations are intended for Emmy candidates. There is a lot of repetition in these nominations: Ozark, Stranger Things, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Handma's Tale, The Crown. Although the shows (Handmid comes maid) are getting a little less noisier than they were before, it's not uncommon for her nominations to continue.

3. You might not like the morning show, but these voters were impressed. The star-spotted Apple TV + program on a morning news show didn't make much of an impact when it appeared despite stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. But she has captured eight nominations (two more than the most-rated prime-time broadcasts, The Good Place), including acting gestures to Carl and Aniston, as well as supporting casting actresses Billy Crudob and Mark Duplas and guest actor Martin Short.

4. Baby Yoda is no joke. Disney + didn't employ as many famous actors of The Mandalorian as Apple TV + did in the morning show. But the Star Wars series got 15 nominations, and while many were on the technical and production side, it was also nominated for a premium drama series, where you will encounter the most "prestigious" TV shows, including Caliphate, Killing Eve, Best Call Saul, The Crown, Strange things, Ozark and the story of the maid.

5. A nice point for guards. HBO's premium comic book received 26 nominations - more than any other program. They're pretty much in the main categories as well: nomination for a great limited series, plus six in acting, three in directing, one in writing, two in cinematography, three in editing, etc., plus a lot of everything from casting to Music and major titles. The series is a major achievement, and superstar Regina King - nominated for Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie in a Stacked Class - may have given out the year.

6. Praises everyone for the first time! It's always fun to have a look at who will get their first nomination this year, sometimes after many years worth. Yvonne Orge was nominated for Insecure (which was fine, as he received an outstanding nomination for a comedy series). Cate Blanchett gets her first Emmy Award nomination for American Lady. William Jackson Harper and Darcy Cardin are both the first time they have worked in the right place. Yahya Abdel-Matin II is a first-time candidate for Watchmen and he also has the new Candyman movie. Annie Murphy, very good as Alexis on Chet Creek, rocked in the closing round of the show. Several successive actors - Sarah Snook, Kiran Kolkkin, Jeremy Strong - are first. There is more, of course. Much will come back, I hope again and again.

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