After Tik Tok ban in India, demand also arose in US

After Tik Tok ban in India, demand also arose in US
The ban on 59 Chinese apps, including tik tok in India, is also being discussed in the US, and some lawmakers are supporting it. These members have asked the US government to consider it, as small video sharing apps are considered a serious threat to the security of any country.

Republican Senator John Cornyn, in a tweet tagging a story published in The Washington Post, said: "India banned Tik Tok and dozens of Chinese apps after the bloody accident." At the same time, Republican MP Rick Crawford said: "Tik Tok should be banned and it should be banned soon."

Last week, US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien alleged that the Chinese government was using Tik Tok for its own purposes. There are at least two pending bills in the US Parliament that have provisions prohibiting federal government officials from using the Tik Tok on their phones. This suggests that after this move by India, the demand for tick tok ban may arise in America.

India banned 59 Chinese apps on Monday, including the Tik Tok, UC browser, stating that it is responsible for the security, integrity and sovereignty threat of the country. The current Line of Control was banned in Ladakh amid an ongoing confrontation with Chinese troops. The list of these banned apps also includes WeChat and Bigo Live.

At the same time, the United States has banned the export of Native American defense equipment and technologies following the announcement of the introduction of national security legislation in Hong Kong. Pompeo tweeted: "Today the United States will ban the export of defense equipment and sensitive dual-use technologies to Hong Kong." If Beijing sees Hong Kong as a country, a system, we should understand it as well.

Earlier during the press conference, the US Secretary of State attacked China fiercely, stating that the decision has been taken to protect US national security. China said on Monday that it was "wrong". "That visa restrictions will be imposed on US officials who show that"

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