Alexandria Okasio Cortez gives a lesson on decency on home soil

Alexandria Okasio Cortez gives a lesson on decency on home soil
One can forgive for thinking that rhetorical dynamism has long since vanished from the corridors and rooms of the United States Congress. One hundred and sixty-four years have passed, for example, since Charles Sumner, the anti-slavery Republican of Massachusetts, was raised in the damp air of the old Senate to unleash a five-hour attack, wholly preserved against the idea of ​​Kansas joining the Union as a slave country. Along the way, Sumner paused for the whipping of two of his fellow senators, describing Stephen Douglas, of Illinois, "noisy, squatting, and anonymous animal," and accused Andrew Butler, of South Carolina, of dealing with a "polluted" mistress - "I mean the adulterer". , slavery". You can still hear this acid boom in other legislative bodies around the world, but the language of the US Congress is seldom alive. In general, it is as flavorless as the old gum.

Alexander Okásio Cortez, a Democrat from New York's first state, made a rare exception Thursday afternoon when I stepped into the microphone in the House of Representatives to work as a retailer for the veterinarian, tea party member Ted Yoho and the veteran Republican from Florida.

The story began earlier this week, when Yoho was reported to have approached Ocasso Cortez in Capitol's steps to inform her that she was, among other things, "disgusting" and "out of your strange mind". His analysis was directed at her public statements (almost not new) that poverty and unemployment are among the root causes of the recent rise in crime rates in New York. On matters of criminal justice reform, Yoho is firmly determined. Not so long ago, he voted against making unlawful killing a federal hate crime, saying that such a law would be an unfortunate example of "overriding" federalism.

According to a reporter for The Hill, Yoho did not stop her expressive contempt for Ocasio-Cortez even when she was leaving. Once he thought she was out of hearing, Yoho reportedly described his classmate as a "damn whore."

On Wednesday, as soon as the news of the meeting was circulated, Yoho made a statement that could be described as the best kind of non-apologetic apology that begins, "I'm sorry if you understand me to say ..." Yoho began explaining that he wanted "to apologize for the surprising way of my conversation with My colleague from New York. "

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